2021-12-14 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Tips in Painting Your Hallway

We may not put so much thought into our hallway, but it does play a crucial role in establishing that clean and homey vibe into our homes.

Additionally, an aesthetically pleasing hallway sets a good impression upon us when visitors step into our homes – it reflects on our meticulous eye for detail since some people won’t really bother to beautify their hallways.

So, no matter how irrelevant you may think your hallways are, it is no excuse to not elevate its aesthetics and give it the extra zhush it desperately needs.

If you’re currently scouring the internet looking for tips in painting your hallway, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Without further ado, here are 6 Tips in Painting Your Hallway in Newtown, PA.

1. Think of a General Theme

In painting your hallways, the first thing you should think about would be the general theme you’re trying to incorporate into your hallway.

In thinking of a general theme, you should be considering what color to paint your hallway and the styles and designs you’ll be incorporating.

You can refer to thousands of color palettes and design inspirations readily available online, so you can have a general overview of what you’ll want for your hallway.

As long as you end up with a theme that your heart truly wants, you’re already off to a good start!

2. Consider Your Hallway’s Lighting

Lighting is a big factor in how paint colors appear to us: a certain color may appear shades darker or lighter depending on the lighting that it is under.

So, in choosing your paint color, you must remember to consider your hallway’s lighting, because you might end up with a color that does not go well with it.

Instead of checking paint samples in the mall or in another room, check them under your hallway’s lighting, so you know which shades of color to pick that will look best on your hallway.

3. Color-Coordination is Essential!

In painting your hallway, you must make sure that the colors you’ve chosen do complement and blend well.

This is why consulting first to color palettes and design inspirations online is important, so you can clearly see which colors work best and look aesthetically pleasing.

Additionally, you should also consider color-coordinating with the rooms adjacent to your hallway, so that it doesn’t look too detached from the room or space it leads to, and to ensure cohesiveness.

4. Use Primer

When you’ve already secured your paint colors and brainstormed all the best color combinations for your hallway, you must always remember to apply a coat of primer first before painting.

It is a general rule to never skip primer, as primer makes the surface ready for painting; it makes paint color pop better and offers better coverage for your paint.

Additionally, primer also makes paint adhere better to the surface and makes it more durable.

So, to ensure that your hallway retains its quality for a longer time, better apply primer first before painting.

5. Go Bold With Your Design Choices!

Of course, painting your hallway is not limited to just one, boring color – you can let your creativity unravel and go bold with your design choices!

You can opt for a two-toned wall style for your hallway, or go do an accent wall for that added fun and extravaganza.

Just remember that you have the absolute creative freedom for painting your hallway, so if you’re just going to do it, go big and bold with your design choices.

6. Decorate the Ceiling Too!

You must remember to decorate and paint your ceiling too when painting your hallway.

The ceiling is essentially a part of your hallway, so to make it cohesive with your whole hallway, you must take your ceiling into consideration when painting your hallway.

Additionally, you can also opt to go bold with your choices and paint ceiling art on it, like the breathtaking and immaculate art you see at the Louvre Museum in Paris (but this is entirely up to you, go creative with your choices!)


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