29 10 2021 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA 7 mistakes to avoid cleaning your roof

Taking care of your home in terms of cleanliness is important when you’re a homeowner and can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

You’ll undoubtedly consider how you need to vacuum carpets and rugs, clean the walls, and ensure that everything else is in order.

What many don’t do is think about their roof, which is one of the most important things you can do in terms of cleaning, because a healthy roof is necessary for a healthy house.

With that in mind, here are 7 Mistakes To Avoid Cleaning Your Roof in Newtown, PA.

1. Cleaning When It’s A Super Hot Day

When it comes to cleaning, one common blunder is attempting to clean on a very hot day.

When applying cleaning chemicals to the roof to make it cleaner, you should avoid using them on hot days because the cleaners will evaporate before they have a chance to clean the roof.

When the weather is gloomy and not nearly as warm, it is a better time to clean.

Also, heatstroke is very common especially when the weather is extremely hot — so you must clean your rooftop when it’s not too hot.

2. Standing on the Rooftop

People sometimes make the mistake of cleaning their roofs while standing on it — this is too dangerous.

This is risky for you because you may easily fall from the roof during the cleaning procedure — and depending on the severity of the fall, you could suffer a serious injury or worse.

So when working on a job like cleaning your rooftop, safety comes first and make sure that your position won’t compromise your safety.

3. Using The Incorrect Cleaner

There are many different types of cleaners available, but not all of them are suited for cleaning your roof.

Toxic compounds, for example, might do severe harm to your roof, which you obviously want to prevent.

It’s preferable to use oxygen-based cleaners that won’t hurt the plants around your house.

4. Cleaning Tile Roofs With A Power Washer

When you see how effective a power washer is, you could be tempted to use it on any roof, which is a mistake.

If you use your power washer on a tile roof, you’ll notice a difference and that you may cause damage to the roof’s tiles, or that some tiles may even blow off.

5. Putting Too Much Pressure On Your Roof

This should go without saying, but unfortunately, there are occasions when people notice a problem with the roof that needs to be fixed, such as a mess.

Taking an overly aggressive technique, on the other hand, may cause harm to your roof.

6. Incorrect Ladder Position

When you’re putting up your ladder to reach the roof, you want to make sure it’s as stable as possible.

If you don’t have someone with you to help support the ladder (which is always a preferable option), at the very least make sure it’s set up securely.

The amount of harm you could suffer if you don’t do this isn’t worth it in any event.

7. Make Sure That Your Plants Are Safe

When cleaning your roof with a chemical cleaner, always make sure to take precautions to safeguard the plants that live below.

The simplest way to do this is to lightly spritz them with water and then cover them with fabric to prevent any runoff from the roof from falling on them.

Of course, you’ll want to discover a roof cleaner that says it’s in fantastic condition.

Although it is safe for plants, it is nevertheless preferable to protect them first

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