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Beginner-Friendly Tips To Painting Your Kitchen in Holland

While painting your kitchen can be a tedious and complicated job to do, there is no telling that there aren’t simple tips that you can keep in mind to make it easier and more fun.

So, if you’re here because you want to know some beginner-friendly tips for painting your kitchen, then you’re in the right place.

Here are Beginner-Friendly Tips To Painting Your Kitchen.

1. Preparation Is Key

A great beginner-friendly tip to keep in mind when painting your kitchen would be that preparation is key to making your painting project a success.

This includes cleaning your kitchen space, making sure that you have all your needed painting materials, and ensuring that you have the right amount of paint to complete your project.

Cleaning your kitchen space is one of the most important aspects of preparing to paint your kitchen because you will want to remove all kinds of grease, muck, or oil that may have accumulated in it over time of daily usage.

Also, making sure that you have all your needed painting materials for your project is an essential kitchen painting preparation because it will ensure that you will have all the tools to successfully complete the project.

Lastly, one great preparation tip to keep in mind would be to get an estimate of how much paint you’ll need for your painting project so that you won’t be going back and forth to the paint store to get more paint, or knowing in the end that you have bought way too much paint.

2. Clear Your Kitchen Space

One beginner-friendly tip to keep in mind while painting your kitchen would be to clear your kitchen space prior to actually painting.

This is because you will want to allow as much space possible to freely move into and go about as you paint your kitchen, so you can lessen any chances of spillage or trip over something, which can be a safety hazard.

Additionally, for kitchen fixtures such as your stove, your cabinets, or your sink, you can opt to cover them with a dropcloth so you can avoid getting drips and spills all over them as you paint your kitchen.

3. Use Primer

In any painting project, it is important that you don’t forget to use your primer – and its usage is even more important when you’re painting your kitchen.

Adding a layer or two or primer first before applying your coat of paint will make it significantly stronger and longer-lasting, and durability is important for kitchen paint because our kitchens receive so much traffic and daily usage.

Additionally, the primer will make your coat of paint stick better to the surface and will give significantly better coverage, thus, will make your coat of paint brighter and more vibrant.

4. Don’t Forget Painter’s Tape

In order to allow more seamless cuts and lines in your kitchen’s trims and edges, you should not forget to use painter’s tape.

Painter’s tape will be important in ensuring that all your colors and paint will stay in their designated areas or spaces and to reduce paint smudges or stains as you paint along the edges of your kitchen.

However, do make sure that you don’t put your painter’s tape on for too long after you have finished painting, because it may peel off some of your fresh coat of paint once removed.

5. Check Paint Samples Under The Right Light

Lastly, a great tip to keep in mind as a beginner would be to check paint samples under the right light.

The right light in this situation would be the lighting present in your kitchen, so you can actually see how it will influence your chosen paint color and whether or not it would look good when painted there.

Keep this tip in mind so you can maximize your kitchen painting project’s success!


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