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How To Paint Your Exterior Mess-Free in Holland, PA

While mess is inevitable in a painting project, this does not mean that you cannot avoid it completely.

With the right tips and tricks at hand, you can paint your exterior with a little-to-no mess at all!

So, if you’re currently planning to paint your exterior and would like to leave as little mess as possible, this blog will guide you with your latest painting project.

Here’s How To Paint Your Exterior Mess-Free in Holland, PA.

1. Preparation Is Essential

Preparation is crucial when painting your exterior and preventing any form of mess.

Knowing the painting materials you’ll need for the job, estimating how much paint you’ll need, and planning out your project’s timeline are just a few of the many things you can do ahead of time to assure you that your exterior painting project will not be too messy and will have increased chances for success.

While doing all of these may seem like a lot of work, it will be well worth your time and effort once you realize how flawless and easy your painting process will be.

The mess you’ll leave after painting will take time to clean up fully, so by making sure that you have all your preparation done, you can avoid, if not totally eliminate, any mistakes and mess you’ll have to clean up afterward.

2. Protect and Cover Your Ground

Paint drips and spills are unavoidable in a painting operation; it’s just the way they are.

But it doesn’t imply we can fully prevent or reduce casualties, so you can paint without worrying about any excessive mess you’ll have to clean up afterward.

So, to protect your flooring and surrounding furniture from paint drips and spills, cover them with a drop cloth or any other type of cover to protect them from being stained or spilled on.

It would be best to get a canvas-type drop cloth to ensure that any paint drips or spills won’t soak through and stain your floors.

But if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to take the effort of clearing your exterior of all obstacles such as any nearby plants or exterior furnishings.

Then, cover only the floors closest to where you’re painting with spare clothes and rags you already have at home – it’s essentially the same function, at zero cost!

3. Utilize Painter’s Tape

When painting, you should put painter’s tape to prevent paint smudges and smears on surfaces you don’t want to paint on.

Ideally, painter’s tape should be used in all of your exterior corners, crevices, trims, moldings, and any other spaces in your exterior where you don’t want to have any paint stains or smudges.

Painter’s tape will also guarantee that your paint has a clean cut-crease and a smooth, straight finish.

However, if you keep your painter’s tape on your surface for too long, it may strip off some of your fresh layer of paint when you remove it – so make sure that you do not leave your painter’s tape on your surface for too long.

4. Start Painting From The Top First

To avoid the mess of having paint drips all over your new coat of paint, start painting at the top and work your way down.

Painting from the top down is preferable since paint drips are unavoidable in a painting project; painting from the top first will let your paint drips fall onto surfaces you’ll eventually be painting over as you make your way down, which is the way easier to fix than the other way around.

Additionally, painting from the top down allows you to work with gravity rather than against it, which is a partnership you’ll enjoy as your project progresses.

5. Make Sure To Do Proper Surface Cleaning

Lastly, and arguably the most important one, make sure that you clean your exterior first before painting.

Because of your exterior’s proximity to tons of dirt, mud, dust, and other external influences that may make it filthy, you will want first to give it a thorough cleaning and remove these on your exterior’s surface.

Depending on your exterior’s condition, you can use your old handy brush and some kind of detergent to scrub and brush off the dirt off your walls, or opt for a more powerful power washer, to get and remove those stubborn dirt stains and debris stuck on there.

You must clean your exterior’s surface before painting, as having these on your surface as you paint it will result in a messy and ugly finish.

Just make sure that your exterior is fully dry before you paint it, and you’re off to a good start!


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