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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Mistakes Not To Make In Holland, PA

There are few things in the kitchen that are quite as important as the cabinets — without your cabinets, you would have nowhere to put your dishes and in some cases your food in an orderly manner.

If your kitchen cabinets are starting to look a bit worn, it’s entirely possible that you will want to replace the cabinets, but it’s often enough to paint your cabinets.

The issue is that you can really wreck a painting project if you make certain painting mistakes, many of which can be easily avoided if you know about them.

Let’s have a look at some kitchen cabinet painting mistakes not to make when you want to have well painted kitchen cabinets.

1. Leaving Doors And Drawers On

One mistake that people will make when they’re looking to paint their kitchen cabinets is that they will leave their doors and drawers attached to the cabinets while they are painting.

This is a mistake for a couple of reasons — one of them being that if your doors and drawers are attached, it’s more difficult to access the cabinets fully and properly.

The other reason is that it’s a lot easier to paint the doors and drawers after you have detached them – they are easier to lay flat and then paint all around as needed.

2. Not Cleaning Well

Unless you are moving into a newly constructed house, there’s a good chance that your kitchen has seen a bit of use since the last time your cabinets were painted.

With the use of a kitchen, there is an accumulation of oils and greases on all of the surfaces that are going to be painted, and that means that you need to clean a bit differently than you would in cleaning and getting ready for another kind of painting project.

Make the time to clean well with a degreasing agent so that you can get any and all of the mess off of your cabinets before you get ready to prepare them for painting further.

3. Not Considering More Color Choices

If you are repainting your kitchen cabinets, it’s quite possible that you will think that your only choice in the painting process is to make use of the same color that you already have on there.

This does not have to be the case at all, however — you can make use of just about any color you like so long as it looks good in the kitchen and goes with the other colors that you have there.

Likely the best thing that you can do is to get a couple of samples of paint based on what you calculate to be a good color for the kitchen, and then apply the samples in small areas to see how these colors will look.

Once you have done this, you can get the paint that looks best for your kitchen cabinets.

4. Painting Too Quickly

You might think of how much there is to be done in your painting project and based on this want to rush through it in hopes of getting it done sooner.

This will be quite a mistake as you will discover that by painting too quickly, you will end up spending more time painting than if you were to take your time in doing so.

If you’re wondering how this can possibly be the case, consider how, for one, you would get paint from one part of your painting area to another — and how much more likely you are to spill if you are rushing.

Consider also how many more painting mistakes you’d make if you are trying to paint more quickly — and remember that each of these mistakes then has to be corrected at some point before you finish the project.

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