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Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Holland, PA

As a parent, our children’s comfort and safety is our first priority – which is why building their sanctuary such as their bedroom takes a lot of consideration and thinking for us.

Building the perfect bedroom for our kids will not only strengthen our relationship with them but could also help them have a space that feels safe and comfortable, which are esssential to a growing child.

Thus, if you are taking the extra measure to make sure that you get the best bedroom for your kid, here’s something you might be interested to read!

Let us take a look at these Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom.

1. Neglecting Color Psychology

Many factors go into painting your kid’s bedroom – and one of the most important ones would be your choice of paint color.

The paint color that goes into your kid’s bedroom poses a critical influence on your kid’s overall mood and behavior.

For instance, while bright colors seem to be the best choice in painting your kid’s bedroom, they can also be overstimulating, making it challenging for your child to relax and sleep peacefully.

Thus, in painting your kid’s bedroom, make sure to check with color psychology, so you can end up with a choice that positively affects your kids in the process.

For example, you might want to opt for softer, calming colors (pastels, light blues, soothing greens) as these promote a serene atmosphere and can help your child unwind before bedtime – which is a great plus for every parent!

2. Skipping Proper Preparation

In any painting project, proper preparation will always be an important process to take – thus, skipping this would be a costly mistake to make.

Rushing or entirely skipping the preparation process will lead you to various unsuccessful results – an uneven coat of paint, a messy paint finish, or a coat of paint that will easily peel off or chip sooner than you’d think.

So, to avoid the hassle of redoing your project sooner than you’d anticipated, make sure to do proper preparation before coating your kid’s bedroom with a fresh coat of paint.

You can do this by thoroughly cleaning the walls to remove dust, dirt, and any existing imperfections, repairing any cracks or holes with spackle, and sanding the walls to create a smooth surface.

3. Acquiring Paint With High Levels of VOCs

Most paint formulations tend to have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and these can be harmful to one’s health once exposed – most especially to little kids.

However, the good news is that most paint manufacturers nowadays have adopted a newer, safer paint formulation that contains lower levels of VOCs, to ensure one’s health and safety.

Thus, in acquiring paint for painting your kid’s bedroom, make sure to get the safer paint formulation, for your kid’s safety.

Your kid’s bedroom is supposed to be their safe space, and painting it with a formulation that could potentially harm them will just do the opposite of what the room is supposed to be.

4. Neglecting Proper Ventilation

While there are available paint formulations nowadays that have lesser VOCs, these little amounts can still pose a significant risk to your child’s health.

Thus, to completely eliminate this risk, make sure to have proper ventilation in painting your kid’s bedroom, to get rid of the risky paint fumes that could put your child’s health at risk.

To do this, you’ll want to open more windows in the area or have fans present, for proper air circulation and to also help dry your fresh coat of paint.

5. Forgetting To Involve Your Child

Lastly, in painting your kid’s bedroom, one of the most crucial mistakes that you should not be making would be forgetting to involve your child.

Involving your child, especially in the creative process of your project, is essential since technically, the room for them – so the room must possess colors and elements they prefer, or you’ll just have a hard time making your child like the room.

Additionally, involving your child in these decisions will also help hone their essential cognitive skills and make your bond with them stronger – which is a win for you both at the end of the day!


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