2023-10-14 Paint Philadelphia Holland PA Mistakes You Should Avoid In Painting Your Teenager's Bed

Mistakes You Should Avoid In Painting Your Teenager’s Bedroom in Holland, PA

Painting your teenage child’s bedroom can be a scary and intimidating venture,  especially as a parent – they are at a certain point in their life where they can be angsty and assertive, and disagreeing would often end up with an explosive argument.

After all, your teenager’s room is their personal sanctuary, a space where they spend a significant amount of time, so their bedroom is really a big deal for them.

So, if you are currently looking to paint your teenager’s bedroom and would like to know which mistakes to avoid, here’s something you might find extra useful!

Here are Mistakes You Should Avoid In Painting Your Teenager’s Bedroom.

1. Ignoring Your Teenager’s Input

Ignoring your teenage child’s input on their own bedroom will be a mistake that would be really costly for you.

Your teenage child is at the age where they are starting to form their own preferences and styles, and it is important that you get their input on what they want to see reflected in their own bedroom.

After all, the bedroom is essentially theirs, and you would not want to go into a heated fight with your teenage child over a space that is supposed to reflect whatever it is that they feel like.

So, to do this, you’ll want to sit down and have an open and honest conversation with your teenage child about their preferences for colors, themes, and overall design.

To have a better visualization of what they might like, you can also ask them to create a mood board or share design ideas to help you get the right materials fit for what they like. 

2. Rushing To Choose A Paint Color

Selecting the right kind of paint is especially crucial when you’re working with your teenage child’s bedroom, and it would be a huge mistake to hastily choose the first paint color that you think would best fit.

This is a reminder to think again!

In choosing a paint color for your teenage child’s bedroom, you’ll want to involve your child in the process – ask them what color they want for their room, what particular shade of color they prefer, and the other colors that they’d want to see incorporated into the space.

On a more technical note, you’ll also want to be particular about the lighting and the cohesion of the colors that you’re eventually going to incorporate into the space.

Lightning will have a significant effect on how your paint color will eventually look.

Thus, you’ll need to check your chosen paint colors under the lighting present in your teenage child’s bedroom, to see how it could potentially look and if it’s a good fit with the lighting preset.

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that all the colors that you’re going to incorporate into the space go well together, to ensure that it is a cohesive look rather than a mishmash of mismatched colors.

3. Neglecting Proper Preparation

In any painting project, neglecting proper surface preparation is a mistake that will be costly in the long run, and your latest bedroom painting project would not be an exception to this.

Proper surface preparation ensures that the surface that you are going to be painting will be in its ideal state to hold a coat of paint, resulting in a brighter, cleaner, and smoother paint finish.

Neglecting to do so will just result in a variety of paint problems that will just be a hassle to fix.

To start the preparation process, you will want to clean the bedroom walls to remove any build-up of dirt and/or dust and inspect your surface for any kind of physical damage.

If you’ve found any, you’ll want to get the necessary repairs for them accordingly, since painting on a damaged surface will just result in an uneven paint finish.

4. Not Setting A Budget Limit

One thing that a teenager does best would be to demand, and when put in a painting project setup, this might greatly hurt your wallet.

Thus, in painting your teenage child’s bedroom, make sure that you set a strict budget limit for your painting materials and supplies.

But to ensure that you aren’t being too stingy or generous with your budget, determine which painting materials will be necessary to complete your project, and get an estimate from that.

Additionally, in shopping for paint materials, do make sure to invest in high-quality paint materials, to ensure that you’ll also be getting high-quality results in turn.

5. Having Fun

Lastly, in doing a painting project for your teenage child, do not forget to have fun in the process!

Your child is at a critical age where they are already forming their own interests and preferences, and establishing their individual identities, so as a parent, it is important to strengthen our bond with our child at this point.

You might never expect that this painting project might be the key to solidifying your bond with your teenage child, forming a relationship you both will enjoy for your lifetime.


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