Congratulations! You have scheduled your complementary paint pickup!

Your Pickup Date Is: XX/XX/XXXX between 8am & 12pm

Below we have outlined some FAQs. Please read them all carefully prior to paint pickup.

We paint hundreds of homes every year and this is our way to give back to the communities that we work in most! Millions of gallons of paint are wasted every year- we want to be part of the solution and help recycle these unused products!.

How do you pick up the paint?
We ask that you take your extra paint out to the curb on pickup day, just like you would take your trash out on trash day.

Are there requirements for paint pickup?
Yes, each can must be at least 1/4 of the way full or more, all paints must be latex based, the paint must be at the curb on the day of delivery and

How much paint can you take?
Due to overwhelming demand we can only take 5 gallons per household. We will be offering this service on a recurring basis, so if you have more- don't sweat we'll be back!

Is there anything you cannot take?
Dried out paint, oil or solvent based paints, stains or varnishes. We cannot take anything that has less than a 1/4 can of paint.

I have a lot of paint with only a little left in the bottom what should I do?
We can only accept paint that is more than 1/4 of a container full, for this reason if you have a lot of cans that are only partially full we recommend patching them together. Please remember only do this with latex based paints.

What do I do with dry paint?
There is no technology to recycle dried it at this time. Paint that is already dried out (rock hard) can be disposed of in the trash. When dried out paint is placed in the trash, the lid should be removed so the collector can see that the can does not contain liquid paint.

After consolidating my paint I have empty cans- what should I do with them?
We do not accept empty paint cans. Depending on where you live, you may be able to recycle empty paint cans in your curbside recycling program. If not, they should be disposed of in the trash.

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