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Painting Tips To Remember For Your Bedroom Cabinets in Holland, PA

One of the things that complete a bedroom would be our bedroom cabinets.

Not only do they provide us with extra storage, but they also provide the overall appeal of our bedroom.

So, it is important that from time to time, we maintain them – which a fresh coat of paint does best.

If you’re here because you’re currently planning on painting your bedroom cabinets but do not know where or how to start, here’s something you might find useful.

Here are Tips For Painting Your Bedroom Cabinets.

1. Choose A Color Carefully

In painting your bedroom cabinets, one of the most crucial decisions that you’ll need to make is choosing a paint color to use on them – to which, a great tip to keep in mind when doing this is to choose a paint color carefully.

There are several factors that should go into your decision of choosing a paint color to use for your bedroom cabinets – and two examples of these factors are the lighting present in your bedroom, and the present colors in your bedroom space.

First off, a factor that you should definitely take into consideration when choosing a paint color for your bedroom would be the lighting present, because it heavily influences how your paint color will appear.

The same color of paint can look in varying shades depending on which lighting it is put under, so you should check how your chosen paint color will look under the certain lighting present in your bedroom.

Also, you should consider the present colors in your bedroom in your decision of choosing a paint color because you will want to end up with a choice that will go and complement well with the rest of your bedroom.

You don’t want to end up with bedroom cabinets that look either randomly placed or too isolating, mainly because of the mismatching color you have used to paint them, so think about this carefully.

2. Cover Necessary Areas

Next, another thing to remember when painting your bedroom cabinets is to cover necessary areas, in order to avoid getting paint drips and spills all over them.

These will include the floor area under your bedroom cabinets, the trims and ceilings near your cabinets, and any immovable or fixed furniture nearby.

To do this, you will want to get drop cloths to cover your floors and any nearby fixture (ideally, get a canvass type one so they won’t seep through the fabric) and cover your trims and ceilings with painter’s tape.

3. Temporarily Clear Out The Area

In painting your bedroom cabinets, you will also want to temporarily clear out the area where you’re painting.

This is to allow freer movements as you make your way in painting – having all sorts of stuff in your bedroom can be a hazard for tripping or slipping, which can easily turn messy, especially if you’re working with paint.

4. Remove Your Cabinet Doors and Handles

As a pro-tip, painting your bedroom cabinets will be much easier if you remove your cabinet doors and handles first.

Why is this?

Leaving them on your cabinets may cause them to be unstable, which can then result in an uneven coverage and paint finish.

Having them temporarily removed makes the task of painting much easier because then you can just lay them flat and stable on the ground.

However, do make sure that you keep all necessary hardware, such as bolts properly, so you can screw them on after drying them hassle-free.

5. Inspect Your Cabinets For Signs of Damage

Lastly, you will want to inspect your cabinets for any signs of damage before painting them.

This is necessary because if they already have damage on them, then painting over them will just be a band-aid fix, and something you will need to patch up first before applying a coat of paint on them.

You must remember that no amount of primer nor paint alone will ever be able to cover up physical cracks or damages, so if you see these on your bedroom cabinets, better to get them fixed first.


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