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Brick houses are staples of many Philadelphia neighborhoods, and limewash contractors in Philadelphia can help you protect your valuable brickwork. Sun exposure, rain, and even wind can damage bricks over time, leading to uneven finishes, worn exteriors, and diminishing property values.

Brick painting isn’t easy. That’s why we recommend working with professional limewash contractors. Our team will help you choose the right brick paint, then execute the project to your satisfaction.

How We Can Help

Brickwork looks great but is susceptible to humidity and UV rays. UV exposure will often dull bricks, and uneven sun exposure can make a home look blotchy. Since Philadelphia has high humidity, many homeowners struggle with mold and algal growth on their bricks, lowering property values and making exteriors look worn and dirty.

Both limewashing and whitewashing offer a protective barrier against UV rays. Limewash is breathable, meaning that it allows moisture to evaporate from the brick, preventing water damage during the rainy season. Limewash is also naturally antimicrobial and can stop mold growth in its tracks.

Whitewashing and limewashing are excellent options if you’re tired of your old brickwork or just feel like breathing new life into a room. In addition to letting you play with the style of your home, they keep your brickwork protected against the elements.

The Difference Between Limewashing and Whitewashing

Philadelphia homeowners often use the terms “whitewashing” and “limewashing” interchangeably, but subtle differences can affect which is better for your home. Limewashes tend to dry chalky and come in various shades and textures. A limewash uses a special putty containing crushed limestone. The wash soaks into the brick, resulting in an opaque, matte finish.

One advantage of limewashing is that it’s suitable for interior and exterior bricks, and you can play around with the thickness to create interesting textures and dimensions on the brickwork.

A whitewash is a watered-down coat of paint (traditionally white) that we apply directly to the brick. Unlike a limewash, a whitewash adheres to the brick’s exterior surface, forming a strong barrier against weathering. Whitewashing is simpler to apply, but many homeowners find it challenging to find the right dilution, leading to multiple passes before getting a result they like.

Reasons To Work With Experienced Brick Painters in Philadelphia

In addition to saving you a lot of work, working with limewash contractors in Philadelphia ensures that you get the results you want.

As the premium whitewash contractor in the city, PAINT Philadelphia has the experience to guarantee your satisfaction on every job, no matter how big or small. We’ve worked with hundreds of homeowners, helping them choose the right materials when painting their brick homes. Once you’re happy with the materials, our team of expert brick painters will ensure you get the limewash finish of your dreams.

Don’t wait until your brickwork starts fading or growing mold—give PAINT Philadelphia a call today!

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Our PAINT services will transform your Philadelphia home, giving it the elegant, refined look you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood, we would love to help.

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