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Signs That It’s Time That You Repaint Your Guest Room in Holland, PA

In getting up to top with our home’s maintenance, we must not forget to maintain our guest room – this is where we could host our visitors, and its overall condition is also very telling of us and our hospitality.

One of the best forms of maintenance for our guest rooms would be through a fresh coat of paint, but how do we really know that it is time for us to do so?

To help you know if it’s time for you to do a guest room painting project, here are Signs That It’s Time That You Repaint Your Guest Room.

1. The Paint is Already Peeling

When you are seeing various parts of your guest room interior with paint peeling, then this is indeed a telltale sign that you will need to repaint your guest room.

Paint peeling is a kind of paint problem that often happens to coats of paint over time – but, while it is not uncommon, this is not an excuse for you to be lenient with it and not treat it with urgency.

If left as it was, it could escalate to a much bigger peeling problem, one that will be a much more hassle to fix.

Paint peeling can happen due to a number of reasons such as a lack of proper surface preparation, the presence of moisture on the surface, reapplying coats of paint way too fast and not letting the initial coat dry first, or an overall abysmal painting job.

In repainting your peeling paint, you must ensure to not repeat the mistakes said above, to ensure that your coat of paint won’t be peeling again any time soon.

2. The Paint is Already Faded

If you have been noticing that your guest room seems kind of faded in drab lately, then its coat of paint might have faded already – and a classic sign that it’s time for you to repaint your guest room.

Paint fading, just like paint peeling, is a kind of pain problem, that is rather common.

Your paint fades due to a number of reasons, such as:

  1. A lack of proper surface preparation before painting
  2. Lack of primer application
  3. Usage of low-quality paint
  4. An overall bad painting job

Additionally, you record the paint can fade naturally over time when it has reached past its peak – which just shows that it has been a while since you have painted the area and it’s just due time that you treat it to a fresh coat of paint.

In doing this, one of the most important tips that you should keep in mind would be to invest in quality paint and apply a coat of primer prior to your paint application, to ensure that your guest room won’t be turning drab again anytime soon!

3. There Are Unremovable Dark Streaks In The Surface

While dark streaks or marks are not usually of immediate concern, since they just happen over time – may it be through furniture grinding to your walls or kids running around with dirty shoes, some marks are just bigger and more noticeable.

While some of these can just be covered by moving your furniture around or by attempting to remove them off your walls through scrubbing, some of them are just stubborn to scrub off!

So in this case it would be much better for you to just get it over with and apply a coat of paint over them.

Rather than spending endless hours scrubbing them off your walls, and exerting so much effort in doing so, it would just be much better to apply a fresh coat of paint over them and instantly solve the problem.

4. There Is Physical Damage On The Surface

If there are physical damages on your guestroom surface, then this is a guaranteed sign for you to do a painting project, pronto.

Physical damages on a surface if left untreated, could easily escalate to a much bigger damage and problem – which will just hassle you, and get you wishing that you would have just gotten it taken care of in the first place.

In fixing physical damages, you must remember to first fix the damage itself first before applying a coat of paint over it.

It may seem to be a good idea to just apply a coat of paint over them, but you must remember that a simple coat of paint won’t be able to completely conceal them – if anything, you’re just highlighting these damages by painting over them.


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