2022-10-09 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Signs That It's Time To Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets

Signs That It’s Time To Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets in Newtown, PA

Bathroom cabinets do not only provide our bathrooms with storage options, but they also contribute to the overall appeal of the space.

So, it is important that we maintain it from time to time – and one of the best options to do that would be to repaint your bathroom cabinets.

However, how do we really know that it’s now time to repaint our bathroom cabinets?

What are signs that we should be looking out for?

So, without further ado, here are Signs That It’s Time To Repaint Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Presence Of Molds

One classic sign that you need to repaint your bathroom cabinets is if you’re seeing signs of molds on them.

Molds thrive in damp and dark places (which our bathrooms tend to be) so it isn’t really uncommon to have mold present in our bathrooms – however, this doesn’t mean that we aren’t to take any action towards it.

Molds, when left untreated, can be unsanitary and pose a risk to your overall health, so it is important that you take necessary action upon seeing mold growth in your bathroom cabinets after inspecting them.

To do this, you will want to scrape off the coat of paint on the affected area and apply an anti-molds solution to that spot.

To repaint, you will want to look for a mold-inhibiting paint formula so you can ensure that the problem won’t be persisting after repainting your cabinets.

However, if you do discover that the mold problem in your bathroom cabinets is bigger than what you think you can handle by yourself, you should not be afraid to consult with a paint professional.

2. Fading Paint

If you have been noticing that your bathroom cabinets don’t seem to be as bright and vivid as they did before, then it might be that your coat of paint has already faded – and another sign that it’s time for you to treat them to a fresh coat of paint.

Paint fading can happen due to a lot of reasons – lack of proper surface preparation, usage of cheap, low-quality paint, or simply just that your coat of paint has reached its peak – and the only way you can bring their luster and shine back is to treat them to a fresh coat of paint.

In doing this, you can opt to paint it using the same color, just to give it a touch-up, or opt for another color.

Just make sure that when you’re doing the latter, you check first if the paint color you end up with will go with the rest of your bathroom so that it won’t feel too random and out of place.

3. Hard Water Stains

Of course, since your cabinets are essentially in your bathroom, which tends to be in close proximity and exposure to water, it is not uncommon to have hard water stains over time – but, if you’re seeing them in your bathroom cabinets, then this is yet again another sign that you need to treat them to a fresh coat of paint.

To some extent, hard water stains can be easy to overlook, but if the problem seems to be bigger than just a simple stain, a simple scrubbing just won’t do the job as effectively as a fresh coat of paint will.

4. You Don’t Like The Color Anymore

Lastly, another sign that you need to repaint your bathroom cabinets is if you’re realizing that you simply don’t like its color anymore – which is a rather subjective reason, but still equally valid. 

If you have been finding yourself wishing that your bathroom cabinets came in another color, then maybe it’s just the time to take action into those wishes and bring out your painting tools – and do a bathroom cabinet repainting project.

However, do make sure that you end up with a paint color that you absolutely adore, so you won’t have to find yourself hating the color and repainting all over again.


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