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Tips For Repainting Your Bathroom Cabinets in Holland, PA

Our bathroom cabinets are more than just for storage solutions, since they actually contribute a lot to our bathroom’s overall appeal and ties up the space nicely.

So, with this, we should do the necessary maintenance for our bathroom cabinets, which can be done through a fresh coat of paint.

If you are looking to repaint your bathroom cabinets and would like to know how some tips in doing it, here’s something you might find useful.

Here are Tips For Repainting Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Clean Your Bathroom Cabinets

The first thing you should be doing when you’re repainting your bathroom cabinets would be to do proper surface preparation – or, in simpler terms, make sure to clean your bathroom cabinets.

In doing this, you’ll want to clean your cabinets’ surface and inspect them for any signs of damage.

Over time, our bathroom cabinets might have acquired some build-up of muck or slime on their surface, which is the exact kind of thing you’ll want to remove and clean off of your cabinets before repainting them.

Additionally, your bathroom cabinets might have acquired some kind of damage on their surface over time, which you will want to patch up and repair first before you add a coat of paint on them.

Doing proper surface preparation will ensure that you will have a smooth and clean surface to paint on, which will inevitably harbor greater and better results for you – which is essentially what you want in your project!

2. Inspect For Signs Of Molds

Since our bathrooms tend to be moist and cold places, due to their proximity to water, mold growth can be common in our bathrooms.

While mold growth is not necessarily an abnormal occurrence in our bathrooms, this does not mean that it should be taken lightly – if left untreated, small mold growth can grow and escalate to an even bigger problem.

And by that time, it’ll be a much bigger hassle to take care of  – which you could have avoided had you done something about it in the first place.

So, when you are painting your bathroom cabinets, you should inspect them for any signs of mold growth, and ensure to get the problem taken care of prior to adding a coat of paint on them.

This is to ensure that your bathroom cabinets get a truly fresh coat of paint, and that the mold problem won’t be persisting on your brand-new coat.

3. Ensure To Get The Right Kind Of Paint

In painting your bathroom cabinets, you’ll want to ensure to get the right kind of paint for them.

Ideally, you’d want to acquire a kind of paint specially formulated for bathrooms, one that could withstand constant exposure to moisture and could help inhibit mold growth.

However, it could be very confusing to navigate and find the right kind of paint all on your own, since there are so many variations available on the market – in this case, do not be shy to approach a paint professional and ask for help.

4. Cover Your Floors With Drop Cloths

To avoid getting paint all over your bathroom floors, you’ll want to cover them up with drop cloths.

Paint drips and spills can be inevitable in a painting project, and it can be a hassle to clean them up and remove them off your things after you’ve finished painting.

So, to avoid this hassle, ensure to cover the floors near where you’re painting with drop cloths – ideally, you’d want to get a canvas type drop cloth, to ensure that paint won’t be seeping through the fabric and possibly staining your floors.

5. Unscrew Cabinet Doors

Lastly, when you are painting your bathroom cabinets, you’ll want to unscrew your cabinet doors for easier painting.

When screwed on your cabinets, the doors can be particularly hard to paint on, since they can be unstable, constantly swiveling back and forth.

So, to make this painting job easier for you, unscrew your cabinet doors and place them firmly on a surface when painting them – just make sure to keep all the necessary hardware, such as screws or bolts, so you can put them back in place after painting them.


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