2022-01-29 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Tips in Painting Like A Pro as Beginner

Painting a room is undeniably serious business – the sheer amount of effort and commitment you’ll have to give for the project, not to mention the expense you’ll have to provide, it’s no wonder most people leave it up to the experts to do it for them.

However, hiring paint professionals to do the job for you can be expensive, and if you’re on a budget, the only obvious choice would be to go Do-It-Yourself with it.

While painting does take fine skill and craftsmanship, with rigorous internet research paired with a handful of tips and tricks up your sleeve, you can paint like a pro as a beginner!

So, if you would like to take on the challenge of painting all by yourself, well, we have something that might help you on your quest.

Here are Tips on How to Paint Like a Pro as a Beginner in Newtown, PA.

1. Estimate How Much Paint You’ll Need

The first thing to consider in painting by yourself would be to estimate how much paint you’ll need to complete your project.

Making sure of this early in the painting process will save you the time and effort of going back and forth to the paint store, and the cost of continually picking up more paint at the store or buying too much paint that you’ll end up not using.

Part of painting as a professional is being certain even of the little details that go into your project, so this would be a handy pro-tip to keep in mind to save you from wasting too much effort and resources.

2. Make Sure Your Colors Blend Well

In painting by yourself, without professional opinion, it would be easy to commit the mistake of choosing colors that do not blend well, which will leave you with an unsightly mish-mash of contrasting colors.

To achieve aesthetic harmony, you must make sure that the paint colors you end up with blend well and complement each other.

There are so many color palette samples and design inspirations available online, so it would be of great help to refer to them when choosing your paint color.

3. Be Mindful of the Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in how a certain color will appear to you – under various lighting, the same paint color can appear shades darker or lighter.

So, before buying cans of paint for your painting project, get a paint sample first and test it on the surface you’re planning to paint, to see if it will look good with the certain lighting in that area.

This pro-tip can save you from the disappointment of having a result that is way too far from your initial expectation.

4. Tint Your Primer

By now, you should be informed that primer is an extremely essential and unskippable step in painting, but one pro-tip that you probably hadn’t heard of yet would be to tint your primer.

While primer alone can give you good coverage for your paint to stick on, tinting your primer with the paint color you’ll be painting with will provide you with much better coverage and will ensure that the end result will look more accurate and vibrant.

Just get a few drops of paint on your primer, mix it, and you’re good to go!

5. Mix Your Paint

Another pro-tip to keep in mind would be to mix your paint in a big container.

This is what experts would call “boxing the paint,” and what this does is ensure that you will have the same consistency and color as you’re painting.

Even if you have the same can of paint, the consistency in the paint might differ can to can – which runs the risk of paint not being the exact shade when you’re painting.

6. Paint From the Top First

Lastly, a pro-tip when you’re painting on your own would be to paint from the top first.

This eliminates the risk of paint drips running all over your fresh coat of paint, which will inevitably happen when you’re painting from the bottom first.

It would be harder to fix paint drips running all over your fresh coat of paint than when you’re painting from the top first, which will only run down on surfaces you’ll essentially be painting over later on.


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