2023-02-28 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Viva Magenta!_ Incorporating 2023's Color Of The Year In Your Home Interior

Viva Magenta!: Incorporating 2023’s Color Of The Year In Your Home in Newtown, PA

With another year, comes another color that will be the overarching theme for this year: Pantone announces Viva Magenta as 2023’s color of the year.

So, if you are currently obsessed with this color and are finding ways to infuse this color into your home, here’s an article you will definitely find insightful.

Here’s Viva Magenta!: Incorporating 2023’s Color Of The Year In Your Home.

1. Paint Your Home Interior With The Color

In your quest of incorporating 2023’s color of the year into your home interior, one of the first things that you can do would be to paint your home interior with viva magenta.

Doing this will be a very straightforward way to incorporate the color into your home interior, and would be beneficial especially if your home interior is in need of revamping.

Painting your space with viva magenta will be the perfect way to elevate and refresh your home interior’s overall appeal, since the color itself exudes excitement and is very striking.

However, this very nature of the color is also a reason why you need to be careful with painting your home with this color – you don’t want to end up with a home interior that is too overwhelming to the eyes.

You can settle with adding touches of viva magenta here and there, or consulting with a paint professional to help you in choosing a shade of viva magenta that will be much more appropriate.

2. Do An Accent Wall With Viva Magenta

If you are finding the thought of painting the majority of your home interior with viva magenta rather distasteful, a great alternative you can opt for is to paint an accent wall using the color.

Doing an accent wall using viva magenta is a great alternative since an accent wall is extremely flexible when it comes to design options.

Your accent wall could be a single-colored wall, a two-toned wall, a patterned wall, or even a full-on mural using the said color!

To take it even further, an accent wall can even take on design forms that go beyond the conventions of flat paint – you can achieve a viva magenta-colored fur, suede, leather, and many other textures in the form of an accent wall!

The design possibilities are just endless, and you are totally in charge of the creative decisions here!

3. A Viva Magenta Exterior

If you happen to be satisfied with your home interior’s current state and overall appeal and it is your exterior that is in need of revamping, then maybe you can plan your next exterior painting project and use viva magenta!

Viva magenta will be a great choice of color since it will definitely elevate your exterior’s overall appeal with its gorgeous, warm burgundy shade.

But, a factor that you will need to look out for will be natural lighting, since it tends to wash out colors and make them seem cooler than they actually are.

So, a workaround for this would be to test your chosen shade of viva magenta on a small portion of your exterior, so you can actually see how the lighting will influence and affect the way it will look once it is already there on the surface.

4. All Viva Magenta Decorations

Lastly, if you do not feel like doing a painting project but still want to incorporate viva magenta into your home interior, a great alternative would be to get all viva magenta decorations.

Getting viva magenta-colored decorations such as curtains, carpets, paintings, artworks, and various other furnishings and décor will be the perfect way to update your home interior based on the color of the year, without the burden of doing a painting project.

However, if you are on a tight budget and don’t have the money to splurge on buying new stuff, you can do a hassle-free mini-painting project and repaint your existing furniture with viva magenta – an innovative and creative way to incorporate this year’s color into your home!


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