2021-12-04 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Tips in Painting Your Guest Room

One room in our house we overlook the most is our guest room – it is only where our visitors temporarily seek shelter, so why fuss over it?

In retrospect, our guest room is actually very telling of our hospitality – and a poorly kept guest room just brings a bad impression among us as hosts.

So, if you’re currently looking to revamp your pigpen of a guest room and try to transform it into something that exudes comfort, safety, and feels exquisite to be in, well, you’re just in time.

Painting your guest room may just be the solution you need in transforming that space into something inviting and pleasant to be in.

So, to help you paint the perfect guest room, here are 5 Tips in Painting Your Guest Room in Newtown, PA.

1. Plan a General Theme

As a first step in the Operation: Transform Your Guest Room from Naw to Wow!, you must think of a general theme you will incorporate into the room.

You can refer to thousands of design inspirations readily available online, so you can know where to start, what color of paint to buy, and have a blueprint of what you’re going for.

Additionally, referring to a color palette or a color wheel is also beneficial so that you’d know which colors blend and complement well.

Think about themes like rustic colors, seaside colors, all-neutral colors, or clean eggshell colors, the possibilities are just endless – you can let your creativity unravel in this one!

2. Consider the Room’s Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in making colors appear in a room – a surface painted the same color will appear either shades darker or lighter when applied to different lightings.

This is a mistake most people make, and then they would be shocked that the results are not the same as what they had initially expected.

To aid this, you must ALWAYS remember to check paint samples inside the room or on the surface, you’re planning to paint on to make sure that the color you’ve chosen looks good under the lighting present there.

This step is considered essential if you want to capture the exact vibe you’re going for with your guest room.

3. Mix Cans of Paint

When doing a paint job, you must estimate how much paint you’re going to use and mix all of them in one big tub or container.

In painting, when you’re applying a new coat of paint from another can, even though it is technically the same color, it will visibly result in different shades.

Mixing the paint in a large container is what experts call “boxing the paint,” and it ensures that you won’t unexpectedly run out of paint and that you’re applying the same shade of paint all over the surface.

Additionally, make sure to mix and stir your paint batter now and then while painting, as some ingredients may separate when left for too long and affect the overall color of your paint.

4. Always Use Primer

A step essential in painting your guest room, and just painting in general, is always to use primer.

Primer prepares the surface for painting; it provides better coverage and makes paint color pop and appears brighter instead of dull.

Additionally, it also makes paint adhere better and last longer.

Remember to apply a coat of primer first before applying any color so that you can ensure your project’s quality and longevity.

5. Preparation is Key to Success

Before doing a paint project, make sure that you’re physically and financially ready to commit to it because it will take a lot of your effort and be expensive.

Additionally, do avoid buying cheap materials, as they tend to be of low quality and could compromise the quality of your project.

It would be better to invest in the more pricey but higher quality materials that will last longer than buying cheap, low-quality materials that will inevitably show signs of wear faster and will need to be re-done sooner.


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