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Your home is a reflection of you. It should be an expression of your style and preferred aesthetic. Even if your house was in perfect shape when you bought it, it experiences natural wear and tear over time. Whether you want a touch-up with the same color or a new look, PAINT Philadelphia is here to help.

Our house painters in Main Line, PA, care about the Philadelphia community. We guarantee high-quality service and results when you contact us for Main Line painting. Brighten your life today with a fresh coat of paint by contacting PAINT Philadelphia.

Give Your Home a Makeover With Interior Painting in Main Line, PA

You’re busy, so you probably don’t spend much time examining the state of your wall’s paint. Often, you don’t realize your wall needs a new coat until its paint is falling apart. What starts as small chips or fading can quickly turn into real damage.

When you notice those chips in the wall, call our team at PAINT Philadelphia for interior painting services. Our house painters in Main Line, PA, will restore your interior paint with the utmost respect for your property.

For each residential painting job, we’ll start with a color consultation. Whether you’re looking to match an existing color or make a change, we’re here to help. After you’ve described your vision, we’ll bring it to life.

Our interior painting begins by patching and sanding the walls to prime the surface. We take cautionary measures to protect your home from paint with drop cloths and plastic covers. Next, we get to work. We work efficiently to avoid interrupting your routine as much as possible.

If you need your Pennsylvania home’s interior painted, contact PAINT Philadelphia today.

Transform Your Home With Expert Exterior Painting in Main Line, PA

Painting interior walls isn’t the only way to freshen your home’s look. The outside of your home is exposed to harsh weather, debris, and general wear and tear. Over time, its smooth and shiny appearance will start to dull and chip. If you’re looking at your home’s exterior and find yourself dissatisfied, you don’t have to stay that way.

Painting your property’s exterior increases curb appeal, makes guests feel more welcome, and beautifies and brightens your life. If you’re preparing a property for sale, you need our services to ensure it looks its best.

If you live in Main Line, PA, a painting contractor from PAINT Philadelphia will give your home the facelift it needs with our exterior painting services. We paint a variety of materials, including:

  • Stucco
  • Wood
  • Aluminum and vinyl
  • Brick

In addition to exterior walls, we’ll paint:

  • Doors
  • Trim
  • Railings
  • Window sills

Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Come home to a house you’re proud of.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen With Cabinet Painting in Main Line, PA

Your kitchen should be a warm, happy place. It’s where you make your meals and gather with loved ones. When it’s looking worse for wear, you might think it needs remodeling. However, a whole kitchen remodel takes a lot of time, money, and energy. Not everyone can take on that job at the drop of a hat.

Thankfully, with PAINT Philadelphia’s help, you don’t have to. One of our interior painting services is cabinet painting. Refinishing your cabinets can be just what your kitchen needs. A fresh coat of paint can change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen. You can choose to brighten it up or simply match the old color and make it look sleek and smooth again.

When you select us to work in your kitchen, all you need to do is sit back and let us do the work. You won’t have to worry about a mess or a prolonged job with our services. It all starts with you requesting an estimate.

Bring Your Home Back to Life With Limewashing in Main Line, PA

Limewashing is a service we can provide for the interior and exterior of your home. Limewashing involves using a paint mixture that includes lime and water. This is perfect for brick walls and structures throughout your property. We can also apply it to other porous materials like stucco and wood.

Many people enjoy the textured and timeless aesthetic that limewash brings to their homes. It has an almost chalky appearance that can soften harsher hues. If you’re looking to give your outdoor brick steps a makeover or want to give your stone fireplace a fresh finish, limewashing is a great option for you.

Here at PAINT Philadelphia, we go above and beyond to ensure our services meet your needs. If you’re looking for house painters in Main Line, PA, call (267) 229-4333 to start with an estimate. 

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About Main Line, PA

Main Line, PA, is a prominent suburban region in the western part of Philadelphia. It consists of seventeen towns and covers an area of about 12 square miles. The region is known for its affluent communities, excellent schools, beautiful homes, and vibrant cultural scene.

While there is no collective data for Main Line, PA, all data is collected by ZIP code. The Main Line has a population of around 8,588 people. According to Wagner Real Estate, the average household size is two, and the median family income is $192,630.

Main Line, PA, is a bustling community with plenty of activities for residents and visitors alike. The region boasts several parks, museums, art galleries, and theaters. It is also home to various country clubs, golf courses, and upscale shopping centers.

The Main Line is a popular destination for families and individuals seeking a peaceful yet sophisticated lifestyle. Its proximity to Philadelphia's vibrant downtown area makes it an ideal location for those who want to enjoy both the suburban and urban lifestyle.

Overall, Main Line, PA, is a charming and affluent community that offers its residents a high quality of life. Its beautiful homes, excellent schools, and vibrant cultural scene make it a perfect place to live, work, and raise a family.

Area: 520 km²

Population: 5,779 (estimate)

Area codes: 215, 267, 445, 610 and 484

Points of Interest: Armstrong Valley Winery, Gander's Grub House, Doughboy's Pizzeria

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