Community Spotlight Interviews by PAINT Philadelphia serve as a rich tapestry of stories, experiences, and inspirations from the city's most vibrant individuals and groups. Curated on the PAINT Philly website, these interviews dive deep into the lives and passions of artists, community leaders, and everyday Philadelphians who significantly impact their respective spheres. Each spotlight is a testament to the diverse and dynamic spirit of the city, celebrating the myriad ways in which art, culture, and community intersect. Presented in written and multimedia formats, the Community Spotlight allows visitors to read about these inspiring individuals and hear their stories firsthand. This initiative strengthens PAINT Philadelphia's commitment to fostering a connected, informed, and passionate community.

Community Spotlight: Andrew of PAINT Philadelphia Interviews Ellen Williams of Angel Flight East

Community Spotlight: Marissa Christie with the United Way of Bucks County

Community Spotlight: Jesse Batt of Performance Meal Prep

Community Spotlight: John Green of the Ignatian Volunteer Corps

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