The painting of your home is like purchasing a set of golf clubs or getting your hair done.

There is a range of pricing from the general set, to the high-end ultra set, to the upper echelon of the autographed (by your golf hero) set! On the other hand, if considering getting your hair "done," this can also have many different variables and prices, too!

While having many variables, we will still lay out some pricing to give you some ideas to start from.

The 3 major variables when considering the painting cost of your home are:

Material used:

How durable do you want the paint to be?

Prep required:

Did you wait too long to get that leaky roof repaired? Or did your kids have a crazy party and now you're trying to fix those holes in your wall?

Specific job site requirements:

Is there ornate crown molding, extra trim, etc.

*please note these are "ballpark" prices*
Bathroom/Closet up to 6x6 Walls 198 Sq Ft $300.00
Ceiling 50 Sq Ft $100.00
Trim 25 Sq Ft $75.00
Doors (per side) $25.00
Small Room 10 x12 Walls 300 Sq ft $400.00
Ceiling 75 Sq ft $130.00
Trim 30 Sq ft $75.00
Doors (per side) $25.00
Medium Room 12 x 15 Walls 400 Sq Ft $500.00
Ceiling 80 Sq Ft $140.00
Trim 40 Sq Ft $82.00
Door Per Side $25.00
Large Room 15 x 20 Wall 600 Sq Ft $700.00
Ceiling 100 Sq Ft $200.00
Trim 50 Sq Ft $100.00
Door Per Side $25.00
Stairway, 2 story lower + upper hallways Walls 1,000 Sq Ft $3,000.00
Ceiling 750 Sq Ft $1200.00
Trim 250 Sq Ft $1000.00
Cabinets: $150/opening
additional charges for hardware upgrades, hole filling, glazing, etc

Please note walls are "base price" ie the ceiling, trim, door pricing is pro-rated when you paint walls

  • Pricing for minor prep work
  • masking
  • cleanup
  • 8' high ceiling
  • labor and materials included 2 coats
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