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A New, Long-term, Low-maintenance Look For Your Brick And Stone!

Your home’s paint says a lot about its condition. When you’re looking to upgrade your home, getting a limewashing service could be exactly what’s needed. Painting brick requires expertise and thorough knowledge, and our experts have both. When you’re ready to make a change, consider limewash as the ideal option.

Many options are available when you’re ready to have your brick painted, but limewash brick paint has remained a favorite for many homeowners due to its versatility and appeal. Various external factors like UV exposure can end up ruining the look of your home in no time. Consider getting quality limewash services that can help retain the bright look of your home for longer.

Difference Between Whitewash and Limewash

The first question that many property owners are looking into limewash services have is how it differs from whitewashing. Limewash is actually a form of whitewash and the terms are often used interchangeably.

Limewashing treatments utilize limestone particles that are processed into a putty-like substance. The result of the service is a matte, chalky look and texture. On the other hand, whitewashing treatments utilize a water-based paint solution directly to the brick.

High-Grade Superior Finish

Brick painting is regarded as a strenuous activity, and not everyone can do it. Whitewash and limewash is the ideal solution to many problems that your property’s exterior may be facing. It provides better coverage for all the grooves and pores in a brick surface.

For a superior, matte-like finish for your property, getting traditional brick painting is not enough. When applied correctly and evenly on your property, whitewashing can last for many years without any retouching. Get a high-grade solution that lasts for years to come when you choose to whitewash or limewash for your home.

Cover Your Interiors and Exteriors

Many property owners opt for limewashing because it is suitable for both interiors and exteriors. While there are advantages to getting both, you can opt for either depending on your requirements.

When it comes to interior limewashing, you want to ensure that you’re getting the right design that matches the rest of your home. You can consult with our professionals on the best way to make limewash look appealing and ideal for your property.

Limewashing is an all-weather solution and is a classic style that will never go out of style. Our experts can handle both interior and exterior painting when handling limewash, so you can rest assured that we will do a thorough job each time!

Long-Term and Low Maintenance Solution

The lime in limewashing naturally prevents mold, algae, and mildew growth. The average humidity for most areas in Philadelphia is above 60%, and mold and algae growth is a significant problem that many property owners face. When you want to retain your brick’s new look for longer, you need an option that can help combat mold.

You might have heard that acrylic paints shouldn’t be used on brick, and the reason for that is that it traps moisture. The trapped moisture can end up wreaking havoc on your home’s foundation and brick. Limewash is an absorbent base that enables optimal breathability.

Limewash also has high UV resistance and is completely removable, so you can get it redone without much fuss. It doesn’t flake, chip, or peel, and since it is constantly exposed to external elements, it enables durability. It is the ideal solution when you’re looking to protect your property in the long term without constant maintenance.

Comprehensive Limewashing Process for Quality Results

Paint Philadelphia’s experienced painters are trained to provide quality services, and that includes our limewashing. Our painters start with a clean base (as no primer is required for this service) and ensure that no corner is left untouched for a perfect job each time.

We have a comprehensive process that enables us to do a perfect job each time. We can do test samples on your property to ensure that the result is what you’re looking for. Our on-time services ensure that you never have to worry about delays.

You can customize your limewash service to suit your home and requirements when working with us. Contact us today to find out how to change your home with a free estimate for your limewashing needs.

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