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Our expert painters from PAINT Philadelphia have played a significant role in preserving Yardley's architectural beauty. Yardley, PA, one of the most affluent boroughs in Pennsylvania, sits peacefully on the historic Delaware River where General Washington and his patriots crossed to surprise the British.

Nearly 250 years later, the citizens of Yardley enjoy their little slice of Continental history exploring Washington Crossing Historic Park with the kids and family as well as modern-day attractions, often spending time at the nearby Sesame Place. Yardley’s natural beauty couples well with the clean and polished look of its houses in this riverside masterpiece.

If your home needs a new paint job, either exterior or interior, you can schedule a free estimate with our painters in Yardley, PA. Together, we'll work with you to make your home look like how you've always wanted it!

Highest-Rated Painters in Yardley

What does it take to be one of the highest-rated painters in Yardley, PA? Hard work, determination, and an expert eye may seem like enough, but passion and drive towards customer satisfaction are equally important.

At PAINT Philly, we are one of the only painting companies serving Yardley, PA, that can offer you risk-free paint service. We have all the characteristics you'd expect from a master painter and can work within the budget you give us to make sure you're nothing but 100% satisfied.

By the time we've finished, you'll have plenty left over to spend. When was the last time you checked out the Quakertown Farmers' Market?

At Paint Philly, we have all of the services you would need to transform your house from old and shabby to brand new! Our painters are experts with interior painting, exterior painting, and cabinet painting.

Interior Painting

PAINT Philly is the best painting contractor serving Yardley, PA, because we greatly value customer satisfaction. Our company thrives on our customers' visions, especially with the vital aesthetic that good interior painting creates.

We understand that the interior of your home is of monumental importance, as the color of your walls has a significant impact on your moods and sense of well-being. Our painters will take time to understand your needs and expectations. We will be sure to leave you happy and satisfied with our interior paint job.

We want you to take advantage of our time as we are painting your home. We won't run you out of your house while we cover your house with drop cloths and ladders, but while we paint, perhaps your family could treat yourselves to a ride on the New Hope Railroad, explore Peddler's Village, or even try an escape room!

Exterior Painting

A poor exterior paint job can make or break the curb appeal of your Yardley neighbourhood home. The exterior of your home must look unique while still blending in with the rest of the neighbourhood. You’ll take pleasure in the skill sets that our expert painters possess and apply with great results.

At PAINT Philly, we provide everything you need. We have complete confidence in our painters and their ability to renew, refurbish, and beautify any household's exterior. Getting the job done is one thing, but doing it right the first time is even more critical. Our trusted and reliable services will keep the outside of your home looking brand new for years to come.

Cabinet Painting

Maintain or update the aesthetically pleasing nature of your home's cabinets with our reliable cabinet painting. Your cabinets receive constant exposure to fingerprints, dust, and dirt.

If you're a homeowner who wants to maintain the interior beauty of your home, then hire our trusted team at PAINT Philly for your cabinet refinishing in Yardley, PA. Our expert painters can renew even the most detailed of cabinets. We can paint, stain, or reface the cabinets in your kitchen or bath.