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When you need interior or exterior house painting, contact our house painters in Washington Crossing, PA, at PAINT Philadelphia!

If your home was built a few decades ago and you haven’t done much to update it, chances are good that the walls could use a more modern touch. Paint color trends change quickly, and what was all the rage years ago is old-fashioned today.

If you’re getting tired of those boring beige or white walls, let our painters in Washington Crossing and the Philadelphia area come to the rescue! We’re pros at painting Washington Crossing homes inside and out.

We can also handle painting commercial exterior and interior walls. Peeling or chipping paint can cause would-be customers to bolt before they’ve even walked through the doors of your business. Our painting team can revitalize your property so you’ll have customers flocking to you in no time.

At PAINT Philadelphia, we have a long and proud history of house painting throughout Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Reach out to us at (267) 229-4333 to get an estimate for your project now.

Interior Painting That Transforms the Look and Feel of Your Home

Have you ever looked at your walls and thought, “This place looks like a home straight out of the 1950s”? Olive green, mustard yellow, and pastel pink were all popular picks decades back, but if those shades don’t float your boat, it might be time to give your space a fresh look with new paint.

Our residential interior painting experts at PAINT Philadelphia are ready to help you choose just the right color scheme for your house. We take a look at your home’s personality and pair that with your vision for the property to choose the perfect shades for your property’s walls and ceilings.

We’re happy to paint just a single room or transform your entire home with a new coat of paint. Plus, we offer many different finishes to pick from, including semi-gloss, high-gloss, eggshell, satin, and matte. Not sure which works best for your house? Don’t worry; we’ll help you pick during the consultation stage.

Amplify Your House’s Curb Appeal With Our Exterior Painting Services

A bad paint job can drag down a neighborhood’s overall appearance. If you’re trying to sell your home but haven’t gotten even a single offer yet, the house’s paint could be to blame. Chipping paint and unattractive colors can turn off would-be buyers before they even walk up to your front door.

It’s possible to paint a house yourself, but the job takes time and requires equipment that you probably don’t have. If you’d rather not fuss with hauling around a ladder, heavy buckets of paint, and bulky drop cloths, why not let our house painters in Washington Crossing, PA, handle the project for you? We’ll get your painting project done quickly so you can focus on enjoying your property.

No matter the type of material your home’s exterior is made of, we can paint it! We’ve painted all kinds of materials, including wood, stucco, brick, vinyl, and aluminum siding.

Cabinet Painting That Will Modernize Your Kitchen

Are your kitchen cabinets so dingy and unappealing that you’re embarrassed to let guests come for a bite to eat? Cabinets serve as a focal point of your kitchen, so it makes sense that you want them to be as beautiful as possible.

There’s no need to pay thousands to rip out your cabinets and install new ones. With a bit of elbow grease, our painting team can remove built-up grime, sand down rough spots, and repaint your old cabinets so they look brand new for far less money.

We can paint bathroom cabinets, too. Humidity fills your bathroom after every shower, and over time, that moisture can wreak havoc on delicate cabinetry wood. Our team will safeguard cabinets in high-humidity rooms with paint that wards off moisture and mold growth.

Shield Your Home With Limewashing and Whitewashing

Limewashing and whitewashing your home are smart ways to add a touch of charm and curb appeal. Both painting processes can give your home an elegant, stately look. You can choose between whitewashing, which is water-based, or limewashing, which uses a base of limestone particles.

Our PAINT Philadelphia experts will coat your home’s brick surfaces with the highest-grade limewashing and whitewashing solutions. These solutions help to ward off mold, mildew, and algae, all of which are problems in our high-humidity climate. They’re also tough against the sun’s UV rays, which can cause your home’s exterior paint to fade over time.

Want to limewash the interior of your home? We can do that too! Limewashing is perfectly suitable for your house inside and out.

To schedule service or get an estimate from our house painters in Washington Crossing, PA, call PAINT Philadelphia at (267) 229-4333.

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About Washington Crossing, PA

Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, is a quaint township in Upper Makefield Township, known for its historical significance and serene landscapes. According to recent data, the town has a modest population of approximately 4,385.

The demographic mix is nearly even, with males comprising 51.27% of the population and females comprising 48.73%. The median age is 54.2 years, reflecting a more mature resident base.

Racially, the community is predominantly White at 89.0%, followed by Asian at 4.7%, with smaller percentages of Hispanic and Black residents.

The town is part of Bucks County and is celebrated for its picturesque beauty and high-quality lifestyle. The area's ZIP code is 18977. The median home value is $561,000, demonstrating its desirability and affluence.

Washington Crossing carries historical weight as it commemorates George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River. It's a perfect locale for those seeking tranquility, community spirit, and natural splendor.

Area: 3.529 km²

Elevation: 17 m

ZIP Code: 18977

Township: Upper Makefield

Area code(s): 215, 267, and 445

Top Sights: Crossing Vineyards, Washington Crossing Historic Park, Crossing Vineyards and Winery

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