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When was the last time you invited people over and felt that your home looked terrific? For many homeowners, it’s been a while, and they constantly feel inferior to their neighbors. However, you could change all that by getting professional painting services.

At PAINT Philadelphia, our painters know what it takes to get your Rittenhouse Square home looking great again. We use a customer-first approach for every project, keeping your needs and budget in mind while completing the project on time and on target. With our help, you can transform your old living space into a dream house.

Interior Painting Services in Rittenhouse Square

If your home’s interior feels lackluster, it might not need expensive renovation and repair work. It might only need a fresh paint job from caring professionals. Our team at PAINT Philadelphia offers top-quality interior painting services in Rittenhouse Square to boost your in-home aesthetic and make the place your own.

Beyond wall, ceiling, and woodwork painting, our professional interior services include:

  • Drywall repair
  • Color consultation
  • Wallpaper removal

Interior painting can create a mess, so we always move tables, chairs, plants, and other items out of the way beforehand. Our professional painters in Rittenhouse Square use plastic sheeting and drop cloths to protect flooring and furniture throughout the painting project.

When done, we walk you through the painted area and ensure that we’ve met your specifications.

Exterior Painting Services in Rittenhouse Square

Do you pull into your driveway and notice the mold, algae, dirt, and other gunk accumulating on your home’s exterior? You can instantly improve this with professional exterior painting services in Rittenhouse Square. A fresh coat of high-quality paint can make your home look better and stay protected from the weather.

At PAINT Philadelphia, we’ve painted nearly every type of home exterior, such as:

  • Brick
  • Stucco
  • Aluminum siding
  • Wood
  • Vinyl siding

There’s no reason to waste time and energy on a DIY exterior painting project. It requires the right equipment, personnel, expertise, and know-how to do a fantastic job—four things you’ll get when you hire professional painters.

Our painting contractors at PAINT Philadelphia have experience with residential properties as well as commercial buildings and retail buildings.

Cabinet Painting Services in Rittenhouse Square

Kitchen or bathroom cabinets with original painting can often make a home look dull, outdated, and unattractive. With our premium-grade cabinet painting services in Rittenhouse Square, you can revitalize your cabinetry and improve the entire room. Our experts at PAINT Philadelphia offer various finishes, colors, and sheens for your unique taste.

As fellow homeowners, we understand the importance of a home. That’s why we work closely with every customer throughout the painting process and keep them in the loop. We want to give you cabinets you’ll love!

Trust Us at PAINT Philadelphia in Rittenhouse Square for Your Future Painting Project

Whether you need to refinish your cabinets or repaint your entire Rittenhouse Square house or apartment, PAINT Philadelphia can help. Our licensed painters will provide homeowners like you with top-rated painting services throughout Philadelphia, PA. To get your free estimate, go online or call us today at (267) 710-7422.

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Painters in Rittenhouse Square, PA

1. What services do professional painters in Rittenhouse Square offer?

Many professional painters in Rittenhouse Square offer various services, including interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal, power washing, drywall repair, and decorative finishes. It's always a good idea to inquire about a particular painter's full range of services.

2. How do I choose a reputable painter in the Rittenhouse Square area?

When looking for a reputable painter, consider checking online reviews, requesting references from past clients, verifying their license and insurance, and obtaining multiple estimates to compare quality and pricing. Word of mouth from friends or neighbors can also be a reliable source.

3. How long does a typical painting job take in Rittenhouse Square?

The duration of a painting job can vary greatly based on the size and complexity of the project. For example, a single room might take a day or two, while a multi-story home exterior might take a week or more. It's always best to discuss timelines with your chosen professional to set clear expectations.

4. Is hiring a painter in Rittenhouse Square more expensive than other areas in PA?

Rittenhouse Square is a prestigious and historic part of Philadelphia, so the rates might be slightly higher than in more suburban or rural areas of PA. However, the exact cost will depend on the job's specifics, the materials used, and the painter's expertise.

5. Do professional painters in Rittenhouse Square use environmentally-friendly paints?

Many painters nowadays are aware of the environmental impact of their work and choose to use eco-friendly or low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. However, asking your chosen painter about their paint options is essential if this concerns you.

Remember, when hiring a professional painter, communication is key. Discuss all your needs and preferences upfront to ensure a smooth and satisfactory painting experience.

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About Rittenhouse Square, PA

In the heart of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rittenhouse Square is one of the five original squares William Penn laid out in his original plans for the city. The square covers a verdant six acres, presenting itself as an urban oasis amid a bustling metropolis. Dotted with statues, well-manicured gardens, and pathways, it is a popular spot for residents and tourists alike. The ambiance is complemented by the surrounding architecture, which includes a mix of historic brownstones, modern condominiums, and luxurious high-rises.

The Rittenhouse Square neighborhood, which encompasses the park and its immediate surroundings, is known for its upscale dining, boutique shopping, and cultural attractions. Historically affluent, the area boasts a sophisticated atmosphere that attracts professionals, artists, and families. While specific population numbers for the immediate Rittenhouse Square neighborhood are fluid, the broader Center City West area, which contains Rittenhouse, had an estimated population of around 33,000 as of the last census. This number, however, needs to account for the numerous visitors and workers who frequent the area daily. In summary, Rittenhouse Square is a park and an emblem of Philadelphia’s rich history and vibrant urban life.

1. What can visitors do at Rittenhouse Square?

Rittenhouse Square is a popular public park in Philadelphia, offering a serene green space amidst the urban landscape. Visitors can relax on the park benches, enjoy the beautiful statues and fountains, participate in seasonal events and festivals, and observe local artists and performers. The park is also surrounded by various shops, restaurants, cafes, and historical buildings, making it a central spot for relaxation and exploration.

2. Are there any notable landmarks or buildings around Rittenhouse Square?

Yes, Rittenhouse Square is flanked by many architecturally significant buildings, ranging from residential high-rises to historic structures. The neighborhood around the square is also known for its historic brownstones. Nearby, you'll find The Curtis Institute of Music, The Rittenhouse Hotel, and the Philadelphia Art Alliance, among other landmarks. The square itself is adorned with several sculptures, including the Lion Crushing a Serpent by the French artist Antoine-Louis Barye.

3. When is the best time to visit Rittenhouse Square?

Rittenhouse Square is beautiful year-round. Spring and fall are adorable due to the mild weather and the vibrant colors of the foliage. In the warmer months, you can find farmers' markets and art shows, while winter often sees the park adorned with festive lights and sometimes a blanket of snow. However, it's always a bustling spot, so any time you visit, you're likely to experience the lively atmosphere of city life and the tranquility of the park.

Driving Directions from Rittenhouse Square, PA to PAINT Philadelphia

  1. Start at Rittenhouse Square, bounded by 18th St, Walnut St, 19th St, and Locust St.
  2. Head east on Walnut St toward 17th St.
  3. Take a left (north) onto Broad St (PA-611 N).
  4. After some distance, turn right onto Vine St.
  5. Continue on Vine St and merge onto I-676 E/US-30 E via the ramp to I-95.
  6. Merge onto I-95 N via the ramp on the left to Trenton.
  7. Take the exit toward Aramingo Ave.
  8. Merge onto E Westmoreland St.
  9. Turn left onto Aramingo Ave.
  10. Turn right onto E Ontario St.
  11. Turn left onto Miller St.
  12. Your destination at PAINT Philadelphia, 3606 Miller Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19134 should be on your left.

Public Transportation to PAINT Philadelphia from Rittenhouse Square, PA

PAINT Philadelphia Service Areas

PAINT Philadelphia is your go-to destination for professional interior and exterior house painting services in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-quality painting services, and we take pride in our high customer reviews. Explore our service areas below to discover more about how PAINT Philadelphia's painting services can transform your space.

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