Growing up with a father who is a handyman and an Uncle who was a heavy machinery mechanic Andrew was always pushed to "go to college and get a good job" so "your knees don't hurt when your my age." Like most kids, he didn't listen to his parents..........

growing up with a father
Andrew of PAINT Philadelphia

Andrew always had the vision to live a life of service, in 2014 he started that journey by joining the Marine Corps. After going on to study Engineering at Temple University and with failed plans to become a pilot, and still trying to figure out what "he wanted to be when he grew up" he began working as a contractor and renovating homes. It was only after a long day of work when he fell asleep on his hands and knees while installing some baseboard he realized he was not living up to his true potential.

This was when he realized he needed to build an organization that is committed to serving others at the highest level possible. Our Mission is to make the world a more beautiful place one paint job at a time. This means so much more to us than just painting homes, this means providing an outstanding experience throughout the entire painting process. We take a holistic view to all paint jobs and begin with the end in mind, this means we offer free color + design consults, test samples, and touchups with all projects, warranty all of our work, and offer the "On Time, On Dime" guarantee. We also stay up to date on the most environmentally friendly products, approach all jobs as a "team" and will be rolling out scholarship funds for our team members to truly make the world a more beautiful place one paint job at a time!

The best part about all of our projects is being able to go above and beyond our customer's expectations, knowing that we helped make their house a home, and being able to provide an incredible organization for all of our team members to be a part of!

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