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7 Creative Designs For Your Kid’s Bedroom Ceiling in Newtown, PA

Can you envision what a child’s bedroom ceiling might seem like if you closed your eyes and tried to imagine it?

Chances are, you’re thinking of a white or similar basic solid hue that is dull like that.

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be limited in your imagination when it comes to designing your child’s ceiling, and that you don’t have to settle for a boring ceiling.

With that in mind, here are 7 Creative Designs For Your Kid’s Ceiling in Newtown, PA.

1. Ceiling Inspired by Tic Tac Toe

When your child or children gaze up at the ceiling, they will see a tic tac toe board as well as the rules for those who are unfamiliar with the game.

Of course, it’s not feasible to have the kids draw on the ceiling, so it’ll have to be more of a mental game, but it might inspire a game on paper or chalkboard.

You might want to include phrases like “Game on!” and other game-related terms.

2. Geometric Designs

Kids can love seeing geometric shapes on their ceilings even though they are years away from studying the subject in school.

They can have only the shapes in a variety of colors (primary may be a better option for younger children to learn about them as well) or the shapes with their names printed alongside them.

In any case, having these images on the ceiling will teach your child or children a lot about shapes.

3. All About Birds

What can you say about birds except that they come in a variety of shapes , sizes and can be among the most beautiful flight-bound animals you’ll ever see?

One way to do it is to paint birds on your child’s ceiling, or you can acquire specially produced representations of birds that are printed decals meant to be placed on the wall.

Of course, if you go that route, you’ll want to make sure they’re flying to make it more realistic — you wouldn’t want a duck sitting on your ceiling, would you?

4. Characters from Video Games

If you were the video game-playing kind as a kid (perhaps you still are! ), video game characters could be the ones that your kids currently love and admire, or perhaps the ones that you grew up adoring.

Whether you have older or newer video game characters, they will look fantastic on the ceiling of your child’s room.

5. Ceiling Space in Your Child’s Bedroom

What kid doesn’t like the idea of space exploration? If yours doesn’t, you might want to contemplate installing a space-themed ceiling in their room.

If your child or children, on the other hand, are fascinated by the idea of space exploration, you may enhance the aesthetic of the room by painting simple stars or even planets on the ceiling.

6. Chameleons of Various Colors

When you think of chameleons, you probably picture a lizard that blends in with the surroundings it inhabits, although they don’t always do so perfectly.

Instead, hang a variety of colored chameleons from your ceiling; they’ll still look wonderful.

7. Straight Lines

Finally, just because you’re getting creative on your child’s ceiling doesn’t mean you have to use certain designs; you can use plain lines, for example, and it will still look fine.

These solid lines might be the same color or a variety of colors, depending on how you want the ceiling to look.

Whichever option you choose, make sure you receive the child or children who will be sleeping there at night’s full approval!

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