09 09 2021 Paint Philadelphia Holland PA 7 tips for preparing your deck for staining

Planning on staining your wooden deck is a great means to preserve its condition and maintain its structure.

There are a few steps you’ll need to undertake to guarantee that your new finish shows up brashly and holds its color longer.

With that being in mind, here are the 7 Tips For Preparing Your Deck For Staining in Holland, PA.

1. Make Sure To Clear Materials And Clean Your Deck Area

Just like any DIY project, staining your decks requires extensive preparation and planning to guarantee the right procedures and outcomes.

Preparation involves clearing the space area by relocating things such as tables, chairs, and planters so you will be free from obstruction during your staining project.

Moreover, make sure that you clean the decks for staining, even if the woods are brand new or older ones.

You have to bear in mind that cleaning is essential for the staining process so the stain will penetrate properly into the woods.

You may opt to use oxygen bleach whenever you’re cleaning decks as it is very operative in cleaning and eliminating dirt and grimes.

Or for you to clean the decks thoroughly, you may opt to pressure wash the decks with a proper amount of pressure.

2. Do Some Repairs For Damage Decks

To ensure that your decks end up with uniform and good results, making necessary repairs beforehand is very important.

Replace boards that are already damaged but make sure to attach the same type of fastener so it will be perfectly fitted.

While for the loosened nails, you may opt for larger screws so they will fit tightly in holes that have expanded over the years.

However, if your deck needs more extensive repairs, it will be a good idea to hire professionals to come out and fix it up.

3. Employ A Brightener

If the wood of your decks is severely darkened and accumulated with mold and mildew, you may need to use a wood brightener.

Moreover, employing a brightener will open up the surface of the wood to increase penetration which helps in the restoration of the appearance of the decks.

4. Choose Best Stain Products

Choosing substandard products in staining can greatly affect durability and longevity, so using premium products is a must-have.

Solid color stains provide opaque color that will greatly provide UV protection to the woods.

While semi-transparent stain has less color pigment but only provides less protection.

5. Paint Brush Is A Must-have On Your Tools

While there are lots of means to spread stains, pump-up garden sprayers and rollers are some of the most popular.

But no matter how you want to apply your wood stain, a paintbrush should not be forgotten on your list.

Using a paintbrush helps the stain to penetrate deeply into the pores, causing the wood to absorb more stain.

6. Let The Stain Sit Fully

You may be too excited to bring back all the stuff on your patio or deck area, but it is a must that you let the stain sit fully.

To make sure that the stain will be completely dry, wait for at least 24 hours and more depending on the weather updates.

But, it is not recommended that you apply stains with bad weather, so keep in mind to check first weather updates before proceeding with your project.

7. Upkeep Maintenance

Just like any other do-it-yourself project, maintenance can go a long way in the appearance of your home’s deck.

Clean and wash your home’s deck from time to time to keep leaves and dirt from damaging the finish.

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