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Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates You Can Do in Newtown

Nothing feels better than cooking and preparing your food in a clean and aesthetically pleasing kitchen – it just motivates us to prepare better, healthier food.

However, regularly upkeeping and maintaining your kitchen’s appeal can be expensive – with the furniture, appliance, cabinetry, and paint you’ll need to consider, sometimes people neglect their kitchen’s appeal overall because of this financial dilemma.

So, if you’re considering updating your kitchen but are constrained by your budget, here’s something that might help you.

Here are Budget-Friendly Kitchen Updates You Can Do in Newtown, PA.

1. Consider Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to transform your kitchen but are constrained on a budget, one thing you can do that will be very transformative but won’t break the bank would be to repaint your kitchen cabinets.

Treating your kitchen cabinets to a fresh coat of paint will give them that renewed and rejuvenized appeal, and it will look so much better with the new coat of paint – and since your kitchen cabinets are essentially a part of your kitchen, they will also basically elevate your kitchen’s overall appeal in the process.

This would be considerably cheaper than having your whole kitchen repainted, but it will still be impactful and transformative in aesthetic appeal.

Just make sure that when you choose colors, you consider the present colors in your kitchen and the lighting the space receives to consider and test the colors on the cabinets to see if it blends well there and looks good under the present lighting.

2. Opt To Get New Furniture and Hardware

This is arguably the simplest yet most effective method to modernize your kitchen quickly.

Small elements like doorknobs, hinges, and pull tabs may greatly differentiate a kitchen’s overall appearance.

You could also purchase some high-quality, brightly colored alternatives that will stick out and offer a “fresh” touch to your kitchen.

In today’s kitchens, little T-shaped brushed nickel pulls are a trendy modern choice.

If painting isn’t an option but your cabinet knobs, pulls and handles look worn, this is a good alternative.

Also, you can opt to update your kitchen by adding shelves somewhere there to display and show off some of your favorite dishware sets – this could be something that will immediately draw your eyes as you go inside your kitchen!

If your kitchen lacks personality, just replacing the hardware with new hardware in intriguing forms, colors, and finishes will liven it up without breaking the bank.

3. Try Painting an Accent Wall

If painting a complete set of cabinets or an entire kitchen seems too much work, consider painting just one wall.

Accent walls are an excellent painting technique to catch people’s attention and draw their eyes onto one single focus.

Accent walls also add variety to the classic aesthetic of four walls painted the same hue – since they are essentially characterized as a wall painted differently from other walls.

This is an opportunity to add visual appeal to your kitchen without repainting it completely.

A vividly colored accent wall is traditionally introduced to a space with three other walls painted white to add that bit of spice into a space.

But, for a more cohesive and modern appeal, you can opt to paint one wall shades darker than its surrounding wall, so it is still similar to the whole theme of your kitchen and will tie up the whole appeal of your kitchen.

4. Reface Your Kitchen Cabinets

While refacing your kitchen cabinets is still slightly more costly than getting them repainted, it’s still less expensive than replacing them entirely.

The procedure typically involves replacing the cabinet doors and altering the finish on the drawers’ front-facing panels.

To match or compliment the freshly replaced doors, exposed frames are also covered with a thin veneer, plastic laminate, or genuine wood.

New hinges, knob pulls, and molding can be added to complete the aesthetic.


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