2022-07-29 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Fence Repainting Reminders To Keep In Mind

Fence Repainting Reminders To Keep In Mind in Newtown

The overall condition of your fences is one of the most critical factors to keeping the overall appeal of your exterior – which is why you will want to treat it to a fresh coat of paint every now and then.

While doing a fence repainting project does sound easy-breezy, if you go into it without properly researching first, you might be setting yourself up for failure.

So, if you’re looking for tips to keep in mind as you repaint your fence, here’s something you will find useful.

Here are Fence Repainting Reminders To Keep In Mind.

1. Check Weather Conditions Beforehand

Painting and rain don’t mix well, so you should ensure to paint your fence during the dry season.

To do so, you should ensure to check the weather forecasts weeks before you plan to paint your fence.

Ideally, you will want to paint on a week that is clear, dry, and sunny, so you won’t have to worry about any sudden rainstorms ruining your fence repainting project.

Additionally, painting on a clear, dry day will make your paint dry faster – which is essentially beneficial so you won’t have to wait for such a long time for your fence to be up and running once again!

2. Clean Your Fences Accordingly

Because your fence is essentially a part of the exterior, it will expectedly be filthy, since it is constantly exposed to various external causes such as mud, dirt, grime, and many more.

So, in repainting your fence,  it is critical to clean them first before actually painting them, because you want them to be clean and spotless when you paint them.

Many paint projects suffer from paint problems because of a lack of sufficient surface preparation.

Preparation is even more needed when you’re painting your fence, so you should just do the right thing and clean your fence first to avoid any complications in the future.

You can brush and wash your fence with an old handy brush and some soap, or you can power wash it for a more complete and sure cleaning – the choice is yours and depends on the overall state of your fences.

3. Acquire The Right Kind of Paint

There are several paint varieties available since different surfaces require a particular type of paint mix – and your fences are no exception.

When repainting your fences, make sure you use the appropriate paint for the style of fence you have.

It is advisable to use oil-based paint on wood fences because it works better with wood and lasts longer.

If you have metal fences at home, you should use enamel-based paint because it will provide better coverage.

If you’re still unclear about what type of paint to acquire for your fences at home, don’t worry – a talk with your local paint specialist will help you be informed about your situation.

4. Ensure That All Nearby Ground and Furniture Are Covered

In repainting your fences, which are part of your exterior, you should not forget to cover any surrounding ground and or exterior furniture and furnishings to prevent getting unnecessary paint spills and splatters all over them.

Cover any surrounding ground with a canvas dropcloth to prevent paint from seeping through and staining your ground.

Additionally, remember to cover any nearby plants, or better yet, have them chopped down or temporarily removed, so you won’t have any kind of blockage or distraction when repainting your fences.

5. Use Primer

Lastly, when you’re repainting your fences, you should remember to apply a coat of primer first before applying paint.

Primer is essential, especially for wood surfaces, because it provides a solid and ideal base for your paint to stick to.

Painting on a wood surface without applying primer first will cause your coat of paint to seep through it, making your paint look faded and not bright, lowering the quality of your paint in the long run.

Furthermore, priming will ensure that your paint is more durable and lasts longer.

This is vital because your fence is located outside your home and is more vulnerable to various external factors, so you’ll want to get your fences primed and ready, so they can stay beautiful for a longer time!

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