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Handy Painting Tips For A Small Home Interior in Holland, PA

A fresh coat of paint is a painter’s main ingredient to making magic in any space – it can make a larger space feel more cozy, tight-knit, and inviting, and in turn, a small room feels spacious and airy!

In working with a small home interior, there are certain rules and regulations to follow to ensure that you do not overwhelm the space and make the limited space situation worse than it is.

So, if you are currently working with a small home interior and thinking of painting it, here’s something you might be interested to read!

Here are Handy Painting Tips For A Small Home Interior.

1. Choose Light and Neutral Colors

In working with a small home interior, your best bet to achieving a space that doesn’t look too confining and cramped would be through painting the space using light and neutral colors.

Light and neutral colors, when painted onto a room, reflect light the most compared to other colors – which, as a result, provides you with a space that looks bright, airy, and most importantly, gives you the feel of a larger space.

So, when shopping for paint for your latest painting project, make sure to go for lighter and/or neutral colors such as whites, creams, soft grays, beige, and many other colors near in that spectrum.

2. Utilize Accent Walls Strategically

While accent walls generally overwhelm a space with added visual elements and delights that might easily interest and entice one’s eyes, accent walls can also be manipulated to enhance a small home interior space.

Since accent walls are very flexible in nature, it is very easy to design an accent wall that would make it the perfect addition to your small home interior!

To do this, you’ll want to strategically choose a wall to paint your accent wall on – ideally, you’d want a wall that is the center or focal point of the room and one unobstructed by any tall furniture or decorations so you can really see it in its full might.

To create the perfect illusion, you’ll want to paint your accent wall with a slightly darker shade than its surrounding walls – this technique helps you achieve depth in your room, and essentially makes the space feel bigger than it is!

However, this is not the only technique you can manipulate an accent wall into to help maximize a small space – so make sure to look up ideas online and see which one you’d want to do!

3. Embrace Vertical Lines 

In working with a small home interior, you would also fare best by embracing vertical lines and smartly incorporating them into your home interior.

Vertical lines are the best addition to a small interior since they elongate and highlight the height of your space, making the room feel more elevated and more spacious as it is.

To do this, you can do accents on your walls, the edges of your walls, or even incorporate tall, vertical shaped decorations or furnishings somewhere in your small home interior – just make sure to do only as necessary and not too much though, to not overwhelm the space!

4. Don’t Incorporate Too Much Colors

Lastly, in painting your small home interior, you should remember to not incorporate too much colors into the space.

Incorporating way too many colors onto an already limited space runs the risk of overwhelming the room, which will not only be an eye sore but will also diminish your small home interior into an even more cramped space, contradictory to what you’re trying to achieve in the first place.

As a general rule, a safe number would be two to three colors, consisting of one as your main color, and one or two colors to serve as your highlight or accent colors.

Just make sure though that these colors match well together and go well with your home interior, and you’re off to a great start in your project!


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