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How To Choose A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets in Newtown, PA

In any painting project, one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make would be the paint color you’ll use for the project.

In doing so, there are a few considerations that you’ll have to factor into your decision, so you can arrive at the best possible choice!

So, if you are currently undertaking a kitchen cabinet painting project and having a hard time choosing which paint color you should choose, here’s something to help you with that dilemma.

Here’s How To Choose A Paint Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets.

1. Consider The Colors Present In The Area

When you’re choosing a paint color for your kitchen cabinets, you should first consider the colors present in the area.

Take a thorough look around your kitchen before deciding on a paint color for your cabinets, since you will want your color choice to work well with the existing colors in the room.

It is important that you took this into consideration because you want to end up with a paint color that works well with the colors already present in your kitchen, rather than ending up with kitchen cabinets that looks isolated and too contrasting.

You can narrow down your best paint color choices by looking up color palettes and design ideas online, since they can help you in understanding which colors work best when combined.

But it would be advisable to consult a paint expert.

Asking paint professionals about your best selections isn’t a bad idea because they are color experts and know which colors work and which don’t.

2. Look At The Lighting In Your Kitchen

Aside from the colors already present in the area, you must also consider the lighting present in your kitchen when selecting a paint color for your kitchen cabinets.

This is because the appearance of your paint color is greatly influenced by lighting.

Depending on the lighting, the same paint can appear somewhat darker or lighter.

Therefore, keep in mind to only check paint samples under the lighting in your kitchen if you want to be certain that the paint color you choose will look well on your kitchen cabinets.

Additionally, if you have the time, it would be much preferable for you to do a test paint on your kitchen cabinets so you can see how the paint color will truly look there and how lighting will affect it.

3. Have A General Mood/Vibe In Mind

When applied to your kitchen cabinets, each paint color will emit a distinct and varied atmosphere or feel.

So, when you are selecting the ideal paint color for your kitchen cabinets, you must first think about the mood you want to set so you can make sure that the color you select will go well with it.

You’ll want to be sure that you know precisely what you want because there are so many various paint colors and shades on the market, and each one of them will give your kitchen cabinets an entirely new and unique look.

You can once more look to the tens of thousands of online mood boards and design inspirations to aid in your decision.

4. Make Sure That The Color Will Be Permanent

Whether the color you choose for your kitchen cabinets will be temporary or permanent is one of the most crucial questions you’ll need to make sure of.

It is perfectly normal to develop new likes and preferences over time, so you might want to avoid painting your kitchen cabinets in a darker color if you think you’ll be repainting them on a regular basis.

This is because dark colors can be difficult to paint over since they typically have a stronger tint and need twice as many coats to be properly painted over.

However, if you believe that you won’t be painting your kitchen cabinets again for a longer period, you can choose from a larger range of colors.

Go ahead and pick a color that you like and think would look great on your kitchen cabinets!


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