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Signs For You To Repaint Your Living Room in Holland, PA

Our living rooms are definitely the central space in our homes – this is where we can host visitors, spend time with family and loved ones, or just simply lounge around to have a little time to yourself.

So, it is important that we maintain their overall appeal, which a fresh coat of paint can conveniently provide.

But, how do you know that it is time for you to do so?

To help you with that, let’s look at these Signs For You To Repaint Your Living Room.

1. Your Paint Is Peeling

If you are seeing some parts of your living room with peeling paint on them, you should know that this is a classic sign for you to repaint your living room.

Paint peeling is a form of paint problem that can be usual among the average household – however, this is not a reason for you to take the whole peeling issue on your living room lightly.

If left as it is, the peeling problem in your living room could escalate into something much bigger and far more damaging, and by the time you have decided to take action, it’ll probably be too late.

So, on the first sign of paint peeling on your living room interior, it would be recommended that you treat it with a fresh coat of paint.

In doing this, you will first have to scrape off the affected areas on your interior, and repaint accordingly.

You should also adhere to proper painting protocols and standards to ensure that your new coat won’t peel again anytime soon.

2. Your Paint Has Started To Fade/Already Faded

If you have been noticing that your living room seems drab lately or just lacking in overall color, chances are that your coat of paint has already started to fade, or is already faded.

Just like paint peeling, paint fading is a type of paint problem that can be common among households, and they usually happen due to these reasons:

  1. There was a lack of proper surface preparation beforehand;
  2. There was a lack of primer application prior to painting;
  3. There is too much direct sun exposure in your living room;
  4. Low-quality paint was used in painting;
  5. The coat of paint is a result of an overall abysmal painting project.

However, your coat of paint can also naturally fade over time, which could mean that your paint is way overdue for a fresh coat of paint.

In doing this, you must remember not to repeat the said mistakes above, to ensure that your living room won’t be fading again anytime soon.

3. Stubborn Scuff Marks/Dark Streaks

Over time, your living room will have acquired some type of scuff marks or dark streaks, may it be from constantly moving furniture and it grinding against the wall, from shoes, from your pets’ rough play, or from children armed with a pen and a wide imagination – and all of these can be normal, and wouldn’t require immediate action.

Some of these can easily be wiped away, or concealed by moving furniture around.

However, some streaks or marks may be bigger in size and more stubborn to remove from your walls – which, in this case, the better solution would be to just cover them up with a fresh coat of paint.

A fresh coat of paint will be an instant solution to this problem, without the hassle of moving furniture around or wasting effort scrubbing them off your walls!

4. There Is Physical Damage On Your Living Room Interior

If there is already physical damage on your living room interior, then this will also be a clear sign for you to repaint the space.

Damage on a painted surface will also inevitably damage the coat of paint present on it, so a fresh coat of paint will be needed as reparations.

However, before applying a coat of paint on this surface, you should see to it that the damages present are fixed first – it would be no use painting on a damaged surface if the damages are still present, since it will only result to a messy and uneven paint finish.


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