2022-02-24 Paint Philadelphia Holland PA Pros and Cons of DIY House Painting

Painting your house can be a fun experience – especially when you’re doing it DIY!

Choosing to paint your house fully DIY will be a great experience for you indeed, as you will have a firsthand experience at the art of house painting – not even to mention the money you’ll save from going DIY instead of paying for the labor of professional painters.

However, as much fun as DIY house painting sounds, there are still huge downsides and disadvantages to it, ones that you should really think about first and take into consideration when deciding to paint your house.

But, what are these pros and cons really?

To no further avail, here are The Pros and Cons of DIY House Painting in Holland, PA.


1. You Won’t Have To Pay For Labor

One great advantage of going DIY in painting your house would be that you will not be spending extra money for labor.

It is no secret that hiring paint professionals can be expensive, so if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend an extra by hiring paint professionals, going DIY will be a great option for you.

Buying paint materials alone is expensive, and the cost will just increase if you will opt to hire paint professionals – so by going DIY, you can potentially save more money.

2. You Have The Full Creative Control

By going DIY, you will have full creative control over how you will carry out the painting project, which can be a big advantage for you if you’re the visionary type.

It is indeed a headache trying to explain to someone else how you would like your vision to be carried out, and it can be a hit or miss because you run the risk of your idea being interpreted in a totally another way than you envisioned it.

So, by going DIY in house painting, you will not have to worry anymore about properly carrying out your idea because you will be the one in charge of realizing that vision.

3. A Great Learning Experience

Going DIY in painting your house will be a great learning experience for you!

Painting a house is one of the essential skills you’ll need to learn, and going DIY in painting your home will be that in-depth and immersive experience you’ll need to learn the basics of painting.

At the end of the day, no matter what the results are, you can just charge it to experience and let it be a stepping stone for you to hone your painting skills later on.


1. You May Not Get Quality Results

In going DIY painting, you run the risk of not getting high-quality results, as you are essentially an amateur in painting.

While research can do so much to equip you with the essentials and improve your chances of success in DIY painting, the difference in the quality of the result between a DIY paint and a professionally-done paint is still massive and extremely noticeable.

What will take a week for you to do will probably be done by professional painters in two or three days – and with the better quality too.

2. Higher Chances of Failure

Because you are essentially an amateur at painting, you will have a higher chance of failure than success in going DIY painting.

There will be a higher chance that you will commit mistakes most professionals will have the sense to avoid, which can inevitably lead to problems on your painting project, which eventually compromises the quality of your result.

There’s just so little room for mistakes in painting, and most people cannot perfect their skills by just reading and researching online, so this is a huge disadvantage.

3. Mistakes Will Cost Money

Since there are higher chances for mistakes, you’ll most probably also double up on your expense rather than saving it, since mistakes will cost money.

Paint problems that will manifest later in your project will need to be reworked or redone, and revisiting a step in your painting project will potentially cost you double your effort and money.


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