2021-12-19 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Creative Designs to Consider For Your Bathroom

Our bathroom is a highly essential room in our home – it is where we can get comfortable getting naked (literally!) and do our various hygiene and waste-eliminating business.

Your bathroom is crucial in setting a good impression upon your house in general – a badly kept and nasty-looking bathroom does anything but impress your visitors when they come around.

So, it is important that we clean and beautify our bathroom interior, because its condition is very telling of our hygiene and cleanliness.

If you’re currently looking to renovate and upgrade your bathroom’s overall appeal, well, you’ve come just in time.

Without further ado, here are 7 Creative Designs to Consider For Your Bathroom in Holland, PA.

1. Consider a Skylight

Nothing opens up a room more than natural light, so bask your bathroom in the brilliant daylight by adding a skylight to it.

A skylight would be perfect for small bathrooms that don’t have the space for windows because it floods your bathroom with natural light and maintains total privacy.

Additionally, incorporating a skylight in your bathroom would be a match made in heaven with light/neutral walls, as it will really establish that spacious and airy vibe in your bathroom.

2. Hide It!

Isn’t it exciting to discover rooms hidden in plain sight as they usually do in mystery movies? Well, what if I told you that you could do the same with your bathroom?

Another great option in designing your bathroom would be to hide it in plain sight, and you can do this by installing a murphy door on your bathroom.

It would add so much personality and hype to your bathroom, and it would instantly turn to be the most exciting room in the house.

Why settle with an ordinary, visible bathroom when you can make every trip to the toilet a thrilling, exciting adventure hiding in plain sight? Fun indeed!

3. Bathe in Luxurious Black

Black is indeed the very definition of sleek, luxurious, and expensive – and would definitely be a great color to incorporate in your bathroom.

A black-themed bathroom would instantly exude that luxurious vibe, getting you to feel like you’re bathing as royalty.

Additionally, a black-themed bathroom would give the illusion of being clean, as any spots or dirt can hardly be visible with the black interior.

4. Be One with Nature!

If you’re not entirely feeling that black-themed bathroom, you can also opt to do a natural-themed bathroom!

Nature’s colors, such as different shades of green and woodsy, rustic elements, would be essential in bringing that natural vibe into your bathroom.

Additionally, you can also put some plants in there for that elevated bathing-with-nature experience!

5. Incorporate an Accent Wall

If your bathroom has been feeling dull and mundane lately, you can elevate its aesthetic appeal and fun factor by incorporating an accent wall in your bathroom!

An accent wall is characterized by a wall that instantly catches your attention because it is different colored or designed from the rest, often with textures and patterns that contribute to its overall appeal.

Getting an accent wall for your bathroom will definitely add that fun factor to it and will get you excited every time you have to go to the toilet!

6. Paint Your Ceiling The Same Color As Your Walls

If you have a small bathroom, one efficient and effective way to make your bathroom space wider and larger than it actually is would be to paint your ceiling the same color as your walls.

It gives the illusion that the space is wider than it actually is because when you paint the ceiling the same color as your walls, it eliminates that visible line where the walls and ceiling meet, so it looks wider.

If you have a small bathroom space and would like to maximize it, this would be a great option to go with.

7. Get Glass Shower Doors

Shower curtains or foggy glass doors can tend to be dividing with our bathroom space, so to make it feel like a more expansive space, opt to get transparent glass shower doors.

Transparent glass shower doors are much cleaner to see and make the shower feel like a much more livable and airy space.

Glass shower doors would be best paired with white tiles and interior, making the space cleaner and minimalistic.


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