04-07-2021 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA tips for painting your bathroom

Painting can freshen, revive, and improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Painting the walls and ceilings adds life and makes the ambiance beautiful and comfortable inside your bathroom.

However, you need proper guidance and knowledge when you’re planning to do it on your own.

So, to help you with your DIY’s, here are the 7 tips for painting your bathroom in Newton, PA.

1. Prepare All The Things Needed.

When planning to paint your bathroom or any area of your home, it is very essential to prepare all the things needed beforehand. These include materials such as primer, paint (depending on what color you want to apply), paintbrush, tape, roller. Of course, you need to prepare tools and equipment like a ladder, sanding paper, a putty knife, and spackling paste.

By making sure that you prepare all the necessary materials, you will let you start your DIY smoothly and efficiently.

2. Make Sure Everything Is Clean

Painting your bathroom walls and ceilings requires first cleaning because it can give you a smooth and fine-looking result.

In cleaning the surfaces, you may opt to use a good wall-cleaner acquired from your local store or you may go for using little dawn in a container and washcloth.

Make sure that you remove dirt or dust because this may affect your paint output.

3. Remove Objects Or Other Fixtures In Your Bathroom.

After cleaning surfaces of your wall, one of the things you need to consider is removing objects or fixtures inside your bathroom especially if you’re planning to paint the commonly missed spots inside the area.

For example, you may opt to remove the toilet to get a better interior painting job. Other fixed objects such as lights, outlets, and switch covers, or towel holders should be removed as well.

However, you may not remove cabinets, sinks, and other more permanent fixtures, instead make sure that they’re masked off well, so they may not be ruined by the paint.

4. Apply Primer.

Applying primer to your wall can give you a flatter surface but make sure to use a high-quality primer to ensure a smoother result especially if it’s the first time that you paint your wall.

However, if your bathroom has been painted before you may apply a primer for those areas that are damaged by water and the ones that you repair.

5. Choose The Right Paint.

There are several types of paint depending on the surfaces and conditions. When selecting paint, be sure to use paint that will withstand a bathroom environment.

It’s inevitable, the walls will get wet so use mold-resistant and moisture-resistant paint. This does not mean you use exterior paint in the bathroom.

Ask a paint store which interior paints work best for bathrooms so you will be on the right track in painting.

6. Plan For Color Swatches

Choosing the right color combination is the best way to make your bathroom attractive and striking.

Always remember that white and lighter colors promote feelings of freshness and cleanliness while dark colors are usually too much for a bathroom design and make the place feel smaller.

But there are cases where a darker color can make your bathroom good-looking, especially if you choose the correct combination of colors.

7. Provide Enough Time For Your Project

Having a makeover requires time -don’t make a rush.

Everything will be done according to place if you give proper time and attention just make sure that you plan so that your project will be according to what you want.

Painting requires skill and patience. Just enjoy it because your effort will be paid off!

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