2022-09-29 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Guest Room Repainting Tips To Keep In Mind

Guest Room Repainting Tips To Keep In Mind in Newtown, PA

One of the most overlooked rooms in our homes is our guest rooms – I mean, this is merely a temporary shelter for our guests, so why put so much effort into it?

The overall state and appeal of our guest rooms are actually reflective of us as people, so it is important that we set a good impression on our guests.

So, if you have been planning to elevate your guest room’s appeal by repainting it, here’s something that might help you along the way.

Here are Guest Room Repainting Tips To Keep In Mind.

1. Stick To A Theme

In repainting your guest room, it would be so much better if you stuck to a theme, so you won’t really get lost in the creative process of your guest room repainting project.

While yes, having a theme for your guest room is not exactly required, it’ll make your job of visualizing the idea you have for repainting your guest room much easier because then you can narrow down which elements and colors you’ll need to paint onto your guest room.

There are so many design inspirations and mood boards fully available online if you are still unsure about which theme to go with, so just give it a quick scroll until you find something you like!

2. Consider The Lighting Present

One big factor that you have to also consider when you are repainting your guest room would be the lighting present in that space.

Why is this?

This is because the lighting present in your guest room heavily affects the way your chosen colors will ultimately look once you’ve finished painting.

Various lightings influence colors differently; the same shade of paint can either look darker, lighter, paler, or deeper depending on the lighting present, so you need to remember this when you are choosing a paint color for your guest room.

To be even more sure of your project’s outcome, it would be much better to check paint samples in your guest room itself so you can actually see how the lighting affects your chosen colors and whether it will look good there or not.

3. Look At The Surrounding Colors

Additionally, you will also want to take the surrounding colors in your guest room into consideration when choosing a paint color for your guest room.

This is because you will want to paint your guest room with a certain color that will tie up the whole appeal of the space – you don’t want to end up choosing a paint color that doesn’t really match the present colors in your guest room, right?

If you are unsure of which colors will go well with the present colors in your guest room space, then you could refer to color palettes available online, so you’ll have an idea of which pair or group of colors go together!

However, if you do have the means to do so, it would be so much better to just ask a paint professional directly.

4. Estimate How Much Paint You Need

In repainting your guest room, you will also want to estimate how much paint you’ll need to finish the project.

This is to ensure that your project’s process goes as smoothly as possible – it’ll be such a hassle for you to stop in the middle of your project because you’ve suddenly run out of paint or find out in the end that you have bought way too much paint, to begin with.

This could also help you determine how much budget you’ll need to allot for paint so that none of your expenses go to waste.

5. Start Painting From The Top

Lastly, when everything is settled and you’re finally ready to apply that coat of paint onto your guest room, a great tip to keep in mind would be to start painting from the top.

This is to ensure that paint drips, which can be inevitable, will be much easier to cover up since they’ll be dripping down areas you’ll essentially be painting over as you make your way down.


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