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Painting Tips For Your Kid’s Playroom in Holland, PA

As parents, it comes off as a natural instinct for us to want the best for our kids.

A playroom, perhaps, might provide our kids with a space where they can unravel their different talents and interests, while also discovering their selves and personhood as a whole.

So, if you are currently thinking of building your kids the perfect playroom, here’s something to help you with that project.

Here are Painting Tips For Your Kid’s Playroom.

1. Think Of A General Theme

When you are painting your kid’s playroom, one of the best things you’ll want to do would be to think of a general theme for the project.

Having a general theme in mind will make it considerably easy for you in deciding which paint materials you’re going to need and get when you run to the paint store, such as the colors, and the size of the brushes, among many other painting essentials.

In deciding on a general theme, you will want to also consider what your child might like: may it be a favorite color, a favorite place (the playground, forest, the beach), or a favorite cartoon character they might have.

Your kid will definitely appreciate you putting in the work in thinking of a general theme that they like for their playroom!

2. Consider Painting An Accent Wall

To make your kid’s playroom even more fun, you should also consider painting an accent wall.

An accent wall will be the perfect addition to your kid’s playroom since it can add that striking, dynamic, and fun vibe to the space, which I’m sure kids with lots of energy will appreciate.

Another great thing with an accent wall is it has the capability to come into many different design variations and styles – so you can totally let your creativity unravel with this one!

Just make sure that it goes well with your overall theme for the room, and you’re actually off to a great start.

3. Get A Glossy Paint Finish

When you are building a playroom for your kids, it is totally impossible to rule out the risk of vandalism.

Your kids will be at an age where they are hyper-imaginative and are just oozing with ideas, and they’ll want to let that out and express themselves – and when they are armored with a marker or a crayon, your walls are just vulnerable and up for a winless fight.

So, as a workaround for this, you might want to consider getting a glossy paint finish, so it’ll be easier to wipe off any vandalism on your walls.

As an added benefit to this, your kid’s playroom will also look to be a sparkly and ethereal play haven for your kids with a glossy paint finish!

4. Think About Chalkboard Paint

Another workaround for your kid’s oozing creativity would be using chalkboard paint for your kid’s playroom.

Painting a portion of your kid’s playroom with chalkboard paint will be a great way to healthily let your kids express themselves, but to also teach them discipline, since you’ll want to limit the vandalism and drawings to the chalkboard area only.

Plus, by having chalkboard paint in the area, you can also double the playroom as a classroom where you can teach your kids and help them with their homework.

Talk about convenient two-in-one solutions!

5. Involve Your Kid In The Creative Process

Lastly, in painting your kids the perfect playroom, you should not forget to involve them in the creative process.

Ask them what they want for the room, which elements would they like to see, and how they would want to arrange and make the room perfect for them.

At the end of the day, the playroom will be theirs to use, so it will be better to ask for their input so you can ensure that they will like being in the room.

More importantly, by involving your kids in the process, you get to bond with them by sharing an activity you can both do together – strengthening your relationship while also improving their decision-making and essential motor skills in the process!


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