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Painting Tricks To Avoid Mess in Painting Your Bathroom in Holland, PA

Without the proper guidance and necessary tips and tricks, painting your bathroom can easily turn into a hot mess – which is a problem that will be both tedious and expensive to fix.

Good thing that avoiding mess while painting your bathroom is possible – with the right painting tricks and tips, one can paint their bathroom with little-to-no mess!

Besides, who doesn’t want to paint mess-free, right?

So, to help you in your quest of painting your bathroom, here are Painting Tricks To Avoid Mess in Painting Your Bathroom in Holland, PA.


1. Clean Your Bathroom First

In painting your bathroom, you will need to clean your bathroom first; make sure that it is clear of all grime, molds, and any other kinds of muck and slime present there that might cause you paint problems later on in your project.

Surface preparation is extremely important in the process of painting, as it assures that you will have a clean and even surface to paint on – and it is even more urgent when painting your bathroom since it will naturally be bridled with all sorts of muck and slime that you won’t want to be present as you paint your bathroom.

To do this, just grab your old handy brush, and give your bathroom walls a good, thorough scrub just to clean off all those muck stuck in there.

To give your bathroom walls further cleaning, you can also opt to use a cleaning detergent or disinfectant especially made for bathrooms to ensure that you will clear all bacteria and muck present in your bathroom.

2. Make Sure That Your Bathroom Is Dry

In avoiding mess while painting your bathroom, you must make sure that your bathroom is completely dry first before you unpack and get ready to paint it.

Having a wet bathroom area will cause a slippery surface, and this is definitely not good for painting as you risk slipping and spilling paint all over the area, which will be a pain in the head to clean – not to mention the wasted money you have on spilled paint.

Additionally, having the presence of moisture on the surface you’re painting may lead to paint problems such as peeling and paint blisters later on, which is messy to fix and will need to be redone – which only doubles your effort and expense.

3. Cover Necessary Areas

To avoid the tedious job of removing messy paint splatters and spills all over your bathroom tub, sink, or toilet, ensure that you cover all the necessary areas you don’t want any paint drips on before actually painting your bathroom.

To do this, you will want to wrap these areas with a large plastic cover so they can be protected from paint spills, and you can use drop cloths for your flooring or tiles.

You can also use painter’s tape to cover the edges of your walls that you do not intend to include painting on.

Drips, splatters, and spills will be inevitable in a painting project – while it is indeed possible to minimize these by being extra careful and precise, not covering the necessary areas with some kind of protection from paint drips is just not worth the risk.

4. Remove Any Electrical Devices and Switches

Since you’ll be painting, make sure to remove any electrical devices and switches out of the way, so you can paint seamlessly and mess-free.

Having these in your way will put you at the risk of electric shock, among other injuries, so to ensure your safety, keep in mind to have them temporarily removed before you paint your bathroom.

However, if you’re not well-versed in these electrical devices, do not hesitate to contact a professional to help you get them out of the way.

5. Buy The Appropriate Paint For Your Bathroom

Lastly, to avoid a mess in painting your bathroom, you must buy the appropriate paint made especially for bathrooms.

Your bathroom surface is different from your other interiors – for starters, it is more exposed to moisture and water, so you will need to buy a kind of paint that will withstand these conditions.

You must get the right kind of paint for your bathroom, so you can avoid any paint problems in the future, which will be messy to redo and repaint.


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