2023-07-19 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets

Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets in Newtown, PA

If you are looking for a quick but transformative solution for the lack of overall aesthetic appeal in your bathroom space, coating your bathroom cabinets with fresh paint might be the fix you never expected to work like a charm!

However, before diving into your bathroom cabinet painting project, it is important that you know how to properly prepare for it first.

To help you prepare for your upcoming project, here are Tips For Preparing To Paint Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Clean and Remove Hardware Accordingly

In preparing to paint your bathroom cabinets, cleaning and removing necessary hardware should be one of the first things you should be doing.

Since you will be painting your bathroom cabinets, you’ll want to remove everything stored in there and ensure to clean all dust or dirt that might have accumulated on it over time.

It is important to know that substances like dust, dirt, grime, and other oily residues that might have accumulated on your bathroom cabinets over time can hinder the adhesion of your fresh coat of paint, affecting the overall quality of your paint project.

Additionally, you should also ensure to remove necessary hardware such as your cabinet doors, handles, knobs, and hinges.

Removing these from your bathroom cabinets is necessary to provide you convenience in painting your cabinets, since your doors can be unstable to paint on, and your handles, knobs, and hinges can block you from coating your cabinets with even coverage.

Just make sure to keep the screws that come with these hardware parts, so you can put them back after you’ve dried your cabinets.

2. Inspect Your Cabinets For Damage

You’ll also want to inspect your cabinets for any signs of physical damage since this is also another essential step in preparing for your bathroom cabinet painting project.

Over time, your bathroom cabinets might have acquired some form of physical damage from various external factors (fluctuating temperatures, pets that might have come in contact with them, or unknowingly inflicting blunt force on them) which you’ll have to patch up and fix accordingly.

It is important to remember that while a coat of paint is extremely transformative, it can’t completely cover up or conceal physical damage on a surface.

So, to achieve a smooth and even finish, you must patch up any physical damage on your cabinets before applying a fresh coat of paint.

Additionally, as an added step, it will also be beneficial for you to sand your cabinet surface after patching up the damages that may be present, to create a smoother and finer surface to paint on.

3. Choose the Right Paint

In preparing for your bathroom cabinet painting project, you will also have to ensure to acquire the right kind of paint – and in doing so, you’ll want to get the right paint color and formulation.

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make for your upcoming bathroom cabinet painting project would be choosing the right paint color – and you’ll have to consider these two factors to arrive at the best possible decision.

First, lighting will be a huge factor to consider, since this will have a significant effect on the eventual finish of your paint color.

So, ensure to test paint samples first before committing to a final choice, so you can see how the lighting present in your bathroom space affects your set of color choices.

Additionally, you’ll also want to look at the colors and elements present in your bathroom space, since you’ll want to end up with a paint color that goes well with them, allowing for an overall cohesive appeal.

Lastly, you should also ensure to acquire paint specifically formulated for cabinets and bathroom painting, to ensure it withstands the humid conditions of a bathroom.

4. Gather All Necessary Materials

In preparing to paint your bathroom cabinets, you should also ensure to gather all necessary painting materials ahead of time.

This is to ensure that you will have a smooth and seamless painting experience; ideally one with little to no delays to ensure that your project’s on track and goes as scheduled.

Besides, it’s just better to do a painting project when you already have all the materials you’ll need at a hand’s reach, right?


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