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What To Do With Leftover Paint in Holland, PA

If you’re not careful in planning your painting project, you can buy way too much paint than you need to complete the project, resulting in way too many leftover paint cans.

While this is usually rendered to be a waste of expense, it doesn’t have to be just that – there are so many things you can do with leftover paint!

So, if you’re currently wondering what to do with your leftover paint after finishing your recent painting project, here’s something for you.

Here are some tips and suggestions on What To Do With Leftover Paint.

1. Paint Your Bedside Tables

A great way to recycle and reuse your leftover paint would be to undertake a mini-painting project and repaint your bedside tables or nightstand.

Your bedside table or your nightstand is one of the crucial things that contribute to the overall appeal of your bedroom, so it would be nice to give it a renewed appeal by treating it to a fresh coat of paint.

Since painting your nightstand or bedside table won’t require too much paint, you can also recycle your leftover paint to use on some other bedroom furniture you might have, so you can achieve that harmonious and cohesive overall appeal!

Just make sure that the color of your leftover paint complements the color of your bedroom walls, otherwise, it will just look mismatched and isolating.

2. Paint Your Furniture

If you have furniture at home that badly needs a fresh coat of paint, then your leftover paint will be the perfect way to give it the refreshed appearance it rightly deserves.

Your furniture, over time, could acquire paint peeling,  scratches, or just dark streaks or pen marks that are just hard to remove – which a fresh coat of paint can cover up and solve immediately.

However, for paint problems such as peeling, chalking, fading, and other issues, you might want to research first or consult a professional on how to properly solve them, because there are some specific steps you must follow first before you can actually put on a fresh coat of paint on them, so keep this in mind.

3. Paint Your Cabinets

To give your cabinets a fresh and renewed appeal, you can also use your leftover paint on them!

This includes your kitchen cabinets, living room cabinets, bedroom cabinets, or even your shelves.

Just make sure that you estimate how much paint you’ll need for your cabinets beforehand, and see if your leftover paint can suffice it.

This is important because you don’t want to start painting your cabinets and find out later that your leftover paint isn’t enough to paint your entire cabinets’ surface.

4. Paint Your Trims

One of the things that are mostly overlooked in our home interiors are our trims – but in upscaling the overall appeal of your home, your trims actually are one of the most crucial elements in doing so.

If you feel that your home interior feels a bit mundane or just out of sorts lately, then maybe a fresh coat of paint will get them to look refreshed and rejuvenized – in which you can use your leftover paint!

Just ensure that your leftover paint’s color is cohesive or complementary to the colors present in your home interior, so your trims won’t look too odd or isolating.

Just because your trims are usually of different paint colors doesn’t mean they should be just any color – there still has to be some sense of harmony or cohesion with your colors.

5. Paint Your Door

Lastly, to recycle your leftover paint, you can actually use it to paint your door!

In a painting project, your door is one of the last things you’ll think of painting – which is why it is the perfect thing to use your leftover paint on!

Just make sure that your leftover paint is enough to paint the entirety of your door, and all there’s left to do now is enjoy painting!


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