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Safety Painting Tips When Doing Your Bathroom in Newtown

It can definitely be a risk in painting your bathroom – you have moisture, it can get slippery, there can be molds somewhere there or other things that could definitely put your overall health at risk.

So, when painting your bathroom, you must take safety precautions because you do not want to end up in an accident you’ll just regret later on.

To help you be safe in painting your bathroom, here are some Safety Painting Tips When Doing Your Bathroom in Newtown, PA.


1. Make Sure To Clean Your Bathroom Walls

The first safety tip that you have to keep in mind when painting your bathroom is to make sure that you clean your bathroom walls.

Because of your bathroom’s proximity to moisture, it will inevitably be more prone to molds and mildew, which can be a health hazard if left untreated, not to mention that it can be a big factor in developing many kinds of paint problems.

So, before painting your bathroom, make sure that you give your bathroom walls an intensive and thorough cleaning first – scrub down all the muck and grime stuck on there, and make sure to properly treat your walls with a mixture that will help remove the molds.

You can use a bleach and water mixture and put it in a spray bottle to conveniently spray and spread them around the affected area, and then let it sit for 10 minutes.

The molds should start to fade away after this time, but if it remains, you can grab a brush and scrub it down until it is gone.

However, if the molds problem is bigger than you can handle, do not hesitate to call a professional to get the job done.

2. Make Sure That Your Floors Are Dry

Since you are painting your bathroom, which is inevitably a wet place, you need to make sure that your bathroom floors are dry when you start painting the space.

It would be hard to paint with a slippery floor at risk because this could easily lead to a regrettable accident that you don’t want to be in.

Prior to painting your bathroom walls, you should dry your bathroom floors first, make sure that there aren’t any slippery muck and grime present in there, so scrub your floors thoroughly prior to doing a painting project in it.

Additionally, it is important that you dry your floors before painting because a painting project will require to you move around so much, and it just won’t give you peace of mind to continually be moving in a place that has slippery hazards.

3. Unscrew Any Electrical Switches And Plates

In painting your bathroom, you will want to unscrew any electrical switches and plates since these are a danger and an electrical hazard you do not want in a painting project.

You’ll want to temporarily disable your light switches and plates and any other electrical switches or devices in your bathroom because these can be a great electrical hazard while painting.

If you’re not entirely sure that you’re up for the task of disabling and removing your electrical switches properly and safely, do not hesitate to contact a professional to do the job for you – it is always safety first!

4. Clear Up The Space and Cover Up

Lastly, in painting your bathroom, you need to clear up the space and cover up anything that cannot be temporarily removed.

You’ll want to remove any brushes, soaps, towels, and racks that can easily be removed from your bathroom since you do not want any blockages in your space as you paint your bathroom.

Any blockages present can be a hazard to you as you can either trip or slip into them, so make sure you have the space cleared out.

Lastly, for any bathroom essentials that are fixed and cannot be removed, such as your shower, your toilet, your sink, and your bathtub, you’ll want to cover them up with a drop cloth so you can avoid getting paint drips and spills all over them, which can also be a slippery hazard.


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