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6 Design Ideas For Your Teenager’s Bedroom in Holland, PA

Having a teenager can be really stressful because, at this stage, they’re just extremely feisty and picky at everything – especially their bedroom.

Your teenager’s bedroom is one of the trickiest rooms to design in your house since you want it to be a room that will speak to their identities at this very crucial time in their life but at the same time, something that could last and grow with them.

You definitely don’t want to launch into a nuclear war with your teenage child while trying to figure out the right way to design their bedroom – this just further complicates the already complicated task of raising teenage children.

So, if you’re currently on the prowl to look for design ideas for your teenager’s bedroom, well, we might have the solution to your dilemma.

To give you a glimmer of hope that designing your teenager’s bedroom might not be as impossible as it seems, here are 6 Design Ideas For Your Teenager’s Bedroom in Holland, PA.


1. All Things Boho

You could never go wrong with going all things boho in designing your teenager’s bedroom.

Bohemian design, or boho, in short, has been continuously trendy in interior design for years and is characterized by having clean neutrals furnished with wooden elements, such as rattan, wicker, and some plush furniture.

A boho-style bedroom will definitely have that relaxed, fresh, and airy vibe, something your teenage child will definitely love and thank you for.

2. String Lights Accent Wall

Teenagers like cozy and personalized bedrooms – they like it when their bedrooms feel like a space that is authentically theirs, so what could be more perfect than a string lights accent wall?

A string lights accent wall will be the perfect way to make your teenager’s bedroom feel like a cozier space, with the lights basking the area in a gorgeous warm glow.

Additionally, they could add their personal touch to this design by hanging pictures of their friends and loved ones on the string lights themselves, which will look ethereal to a teenager’s eyes.

3. Put Some Open Shelves

Closed shelves will be extremely space-consuming and bulky to display, so it would be better to opt for open shelves for your teenager’s bedroom.

Open shelves will be much easier to customize and will give the same functionality as closed shelves but will be more fashionable and trendy to look at.

Your teenage child can use it to store their own things or put their own design pieces and furnishings on these shelves to add more personal touches to their bedroom.

4. Bean Bags Lounge Area

Of course, teenagers are teenagers – they will want to huddle up and lounge around in their bedrooms, either alone or with their friends, so a bean bags lounge area will be a dream for them.

Just make sure to choose bean bags that will go with the overall theme of the room, are not too stocky for the available space, and are incredibly comfortable to be in, and you’re off to a great start in building a teenage haven for your child!

5. Cool and Chill Loft Bed

If the space is a bit limited, that doesn’t mean that you cannot build your teenage child the bedroom of their dreams – you can opt for a cool and chill loft bed!

A two-in-one solution, a loft bed will be the perfect solution if you’d like to save space, or don’t have that much space in the first place.

Loft beds are trendy nowadays because of their maximum convenience and functionality.

Your teenage child will definitely be on board with this design idea!

6. Simple and Cozy Study Desk

Of course, in building your teenager’s bedroom, you have to put a simple and cozy study desk somewhere in there, so they have a place to do things and be productive.

Ideally, their study desk should fuel their desire to be productive, so it will be better designed with books, some stationery materials, and a sturdy and convenient lamp to accompany them for the days they’ll need to work overtime.

As long as you end up with a study desk that actually makes you want to sit down and read something, then you’ve done your teenage child a good service.


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