2021-11-14 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Upgrading Your Living Room Interior

Our living rooms are a central part of our homes – it is what we first see when we go inside our houses.

The condition of our living rooms are crucial and affective to our moods – it is always an instant bad mood to go inside your home and be greeted by a disorderly living room.

So, it is only outright essential that we keep a living room that will quite light up our mood once we enter in it.

With that, here are 7 tips for upgrading the interior of your living room in Newton, PA.

1. Consider a Repaint Job

Nothing transforms a room better than repainting it.

In looking to upgrade your living room interior, you might want to consider a repaint job to give it a fresh coat of paint and a newfound identity.

You could choose from a variety of colors and themes that could fit your taste, so go haywire with it and let your creativity unravel!

2. Look Into Accent Walls

If you want to double up on the fun and quirkiness, you could look into creating an accent wall.

An accent wall is a part of your interior that is painted a different color with some patterns and other paint finishes.

Do not shy away from going with bold colors and eccentric textures, as this could really amp up your living room aesthetics, making the room more alive.

3. Let There Be Light

Sometimes, all a living room needs for it to shine in its full glory is a little bit of sunshine.

You could consider opening up more of your windows or, if you’re feeling fancy and rich, doing an expensive, all-glass transparent wall just to let all that gorgeous natural lighting in.

If your living room feels a bit mundane lately, try to open up a window, and see how your living room transforms and lights up as a more lively space with such a simple gesture.

4. Get Matching Pillowcases

Nothing looks more aesthetically pleasing and fun than matching pillowcases in your living room!

You could look at thousands of variations of pillowcases online, or you could go into your local market for good finds if you’re feeling feisty.

Maybe, all you need for that extra zhush in your living room would be to match your pillowcases with your living room theme.

This will be a fun conversational starter for small gatherings and parties in your home, seeing as they are all swooning over your pillowcases!

5. Repaint Your Cabinets

One thing you could also consider in upgrading your living room interior would be repainting your cabinet.

Our cabinets are always just there perched on our living room, left for the dust to collect on them, and this sometimes gets them to look a little weathered and run down.

Trust that getting them that fresh coat of paint might just be the trick to making your living room look like a page out of interior design magazines.

6. Get a Striking Chandelier

Bask your living room in a brand new light by getting a chic and striking chandelier.

When we think of chandeliers, we often think of fussy, sparkling, and gigantic chandeliers we see on 5-star hotels and fancy foyers of mansions, but these days they come in various shapes and sizes.

You can literally choose from a thousand designs online, or go to your local design shop and sneak a look at one that might be the perfect fit for your living room.

7. Flood Your Floor With a Carpet

Putting a carpet in your living room just gives it personality, and this might be the thing you need in upgrading your living room interior.

You can choose from a variety of designs that are available on the market, and you can mix and match them to your living room.

Get a sleek, all-white fur carpet if you’re feeling fancy, or get a patterned, bold-colored one if you’re feeling funky!


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