24-06-2021 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA ways to improve your home's curb appeal

If you’re looking to raise the selling value of your home or you just want to make some updates, then consider adding some curb appeal.

You don’t have to worry cause we’ve got you covered as we’ll be sharing with you some of the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

With that in mind, here are 7 ways to improve your home’s curb appeal in Newtown, PA.

1.Repaint Your Front Door

The first thing that your visitors will see before they enter your home is your front door, so repainting it is always a good idea.

Applying new paint to your front door is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.

The only thing that you should consider is the paint color — make sure to use vibrant colors instead of the traditional wood stain colors.

You can also put some seasonal decorations on your front door to make it look more attractive.

2. Plant Some Trees

If you want to make your yard look more inviting, then you should think of planting some beautiful trees.

Planting trees is just a very simple task that most people can do and it will definitely boost the curb appeal of your home.

If your yard allows you to plant two trees, then consider planting two trees that will frame your home or the entryway.

Planting trees will not cost you much, and it’s not a time-consuming task as well, so it’s very worth it.

3. Add Some Flower Boxes

If you have the budget, then you can add some flower boxes on your front porch or your windows.

Flower boxes are very cheap, and there are also a lot of beautiful flowers out there that will not cost you so much.

This idea to improve your curb appeal will definitely bring colors to your home and significantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Just don’t forget to water these flowers daily — withered flowers can ruin the appearance of your home. 

4. Update Your Window Frames

Many people don’t update their windows simply because they do not know how it can affect the overall appearance of their home.

So if you’re looking for ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, then update your window frames.

Just make sure to choose the right color for the frames of your windows to make it look more attractive.

You can also consider replacing your windows with windows that are energy-efficient to improve the eco status of your home. 

5. Clean Your Home’s Exterior Walls Through Power Washing

The walls of your home’s exterior will always get dirty and it’s inevitable — that’s why you should clean it from time to time.

Now, one of the great ways to improve your curb appeal is by cleaning the walls of your home’s exterior.

The most effective way to clean your home’s exterior walls is through power washing — it will definitely give your home a refresh and make it look as if it’s brand new.

6. Update Even The Small Details

When thinking of ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, don’t forget to update even the small details.

Small details such as your house number, mailbox, doorknobs, and many more can also make a noticeable change once replaced with a new one.

Doing this is an easy and budget-friendly task, but it will surely improve the curb appeal of your home.

7. Light Up Your Home’s Exterior

One good way to improve your home’s curb appeal is to replace your old light fixtures with a new one.

When buying new light fixtures, consider their functionality as well, not just the style.

Also, make sure to buy the light fixture that is suitable for the entryway of your home.

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