“My dogs actually managed to escape in the middle of the project (not due to the crew’s actions) and the team helped me chase them down in the middle of the street and get my dogs back! 10 out of 10! Would highly recommend!”

We helped Ken out a few weeks ago, and oh boy does he have some big dogs! He has two massive St. Bernards. You know the dogs that may be comparable to a small horse, the type of dogs that drool everywhere, the type of dogs that small children can ride like Red Pollard rode Seabiscuit. We had made arrangements for his pets to be kept in a separate section of the home that we were not working in. The job went perfectly, Ken was super happy at the end and of the job and spot didn’t end up with any extra spots! Ken was so thrilled with us that he offered to do a video testimonial for us, of course, we accept! As we’re filming the interview and our crew was packing up the van I see a whirl of blackout of the corner of my eye. What do you know, it was one of his 150lb St. Bernards running down the middle of the street. She was an escape artist like nothing I have ever seen before, so what do we do, drop the camera, drop the drop cloths we were folding up, and run.

In hindsight, it must have looked like something out of a comedy. Four grown men, running down the streets of Philadelphia chasing after a small horse (not actually a small horse, but you get the point). After about what felt like an entirety sprinting after this pooch (In reality it was probably no more than 10 minutes-the gym closure has really taken a toll on my physical abilities) we got her to Ken’s relief!
We were able to get this behemoth of a dog back safely, although I think she may have literally been in the dog house for the rest of the day! Although, we all got a little bit of well-needed exercise in for the day!

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