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Exterior Colors To Choose From in Holland, PA

In painting your exterior, one of the first and most important decisions that you’ll need to make would be choosing a paint color for your exterior.

While it does seem to be a fun activity shopping for paint, it could also be easily overwhelming.

So, if you’re here because you’re currently deciding which paint color to use for your exterior, here’s something to help you as you decide.

Here are Exterior Colors To Choose From.

1. White

In choosing a paint color for your exterior, one of the usual color choices would be white.

White is just a sleek and classic color that is as versatile and customizable as it can be striking and stunning, making it one of the most popular exterior paint colors.

However, one of the most common misconceptions people believe in is that white can be a color that is too common or stereotypical, thus, rendering it boring and mundane – but the secret to having an aesthetically satisfying white exterior is right is carefully choose the shade of white you’re going to go with.

In choosing shades of white, hues like eggshell or off-white will give you a more modern and sleek appeal – try to avoid going with light and stark whites, as they can get overwhelmingly bright and easily stain.

Additionally, because white is essentially a base color, opting to paint your exterior white allows your potential buyers to see a perfectly blank canvass to work with, making the experience of seeing your home a much more personal experience for them as they imagine the endless possibilities they can do with your home.

As a tip, a white exterior will work best with black or wood/rustic accents, to give it a more dynamic and overall minimalistic aesthetic appeal.

2. Blue

Another classic, go-to color that would look great on any home exterior would be blue.

What’s great about using blue as your home exterior’s color is the fact that is also incredibly adaptable and versatile – every different shade of blue can contribute an entirely different appeal and identity when painted onto your exterior.

Dark shades of blue can give your exterior a more regal, dapper, and clean look while opting for lighter and pastel colors of blue can give your exterior a more fresh, bright, and bubbly appeal.

Just make sure that when you’re off looking for the perfect shade of blue to paint your exterior, you veer off of neons and shades of blue that are too bright and shiny to the eyes, as they can be unappealing when painted onto your exterior.

3. Green

Another great choice color to paint your exterior would be green – a color that embodies nature and could contribute a sense of freshness and vibrancy to your home.

While there are tons of shades of green to choose from, one of the best shades of green to go with are muted and neutral shades of green,  such as mint or sage green, as they tend to give you that effervescent, cool, and laid back type of aesthetic appeal.

However, you can also opt for darker shades of green such as moss green or olive greens –  just try to stay away from bright, neon greens as they are usually unappealing and too much to the eyes.

4. Yellow

Colors that are cheerful and lively in nature usually influence the overall appeal of a space – and what’s even livelier than the lovely shade of yellow?

Yellow is a cheerful and inviting color that is ideal for homes that entertain frequently.

This color exudes enthusiasm and friendliness and will undoubtedly appeal to more outgoing shoppers.

However, some people may find particular tints of yellow to be excessively overwhelming, so more modest colors, such as pale yellows, would be a safe and ideal choice for painting your exterior.


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