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Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets in Holland, PA

While it seems easy and straightforward to do a bathroom cabinet painting project, it will also be so easy to set yourself up for failure if you go into it hastily and overlook some of the most common painting mistakes you might do in that project.

So, if you are currently undertaking a bathroom cabinet painting project and would like to ensure that it goes smoothly, correctly, and as planned, here’s something that will be of help to you.

Here are some Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Bathroom Cabinets.

1. Skipping Surface Preparation

In painting your bathroom cabinets, a classic mistake that most people commit in undertaking such a project would be skipping surface preparation – and one that they shouldn’t be doing.

Surface preparation is an important process for any painting project, especially for your bathroom cabinet painting project because this prepares your bathroom cabinets for a coat of paint.

Over time, your bathroom cabinets’ surface will have acquired all sorts of muck or slime or might have suffered from physical damage, which are exactly things that proper surface preparation could smoothen out and clean prior to a coat of paint.

In doing proper surface preparation, you’ll want to inspect your cabinets first for any signs of damage, do the necessary repairs for these damages if you have found any, and ensure that your cabinet’s surface is clean, free from any muck or slime that might have accumulated on it.

2. Not Drying Your Bathroom Floors

Since you are going to be painting in your bathroom, forgetting to dry your bathroom floors will also be a mistake that you shouldn’t be committing in your painting project.

Due to their proximity to water, our bathrooms tend to be wet places, which allows for slippery floors – and in your bathroom cabinet painting project, having slippery floors would be a huge disadvantage and could pose a safety hazard for you.

So, to ensure that you will not be experiencing any delays in your painting project and for your own safety, you should not forget to dry your bathroom floors prior to your upcoming painting project.

3. Forgetting To Clear Your Bathroom Space

It is also important that you don’t forget to clear your bathroom space prior to your bathroom cabinet painting project.

There tends to be a lot of movement and activity involved in a painting project, so having as much space possible for you to freely move into will be a great advantage – which can be done by clearing your bathroom space.

In doing this, you will want to ensure that most of your bathroom essentials that could be an obstruction are temporarily removed from the area, and that you clear your cabinets of anything that might be in there too – which should go without any further explanation because it’s just common sense to do so!

4. Overlooking The Use Of Painter’s Tape

Since you are going to be painting your bathroom cabinets, it will be a huge mistake to overlook the use of painter’s tape in your upcoming painting project.

It’ll be hard to paint over the edges of your cabinet without having smudges or smears all over it, which is exactly the situation painter’s tape could help you out of.

Not only will painter’s tape help you significantly avoid paint smudges and smears in painting the edges of your cabinets, but it can also ensure straight and clean-cut borders for your cabinets – essentially, what you are looking for in a successful bathroom cabinet painting project!

5. Not Removing Your Cabinet Doors

Lastly, a mistake that most people would usually commit as they may not know this in the first place would be not removing the doors of your cabinets when you are painting them.

Removing your cabinet doors will be a very convenient tip to follow in painting your cabinets since it lets you paint your doors as they are laid flat on the ground, where they can be more stable.

Just make sure that you keep all the necessary hardware in place, such as bolts and screws, so you can successfully put your doors back once their paint has dried!


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