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Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Fences in Holland, PA

Our fences are an important part of our exterior – not only do they provide our houses with an extra layer of protection, but they also contribute to our exterior’s overall appeal.

And our exterior is the first thing anyone will see of our homes, so it is important to set a good impression from the get-go!

So, if you’re planning to paint your fences just to elevate their overall appeal, here’s something you might want to read to make sure that your project goes smoothly.

Here are the Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Fences.

1. Skipping Surface Preparation

Skipping or forgetting to do the appropriate surface preparation is a critical error you shouldn’t make while painting your fences.

Before applying any coat of paint to the area or surface you’re planning to paint, you should clean it, check it for any signs of damage or cracks, and make the necessary repairs if any.

Because your fences are practically outside your home, they will unavoidably have some buildup of dirt or even evidence of wear and tear that may have occurred over time, making adequate surface preparation even more crucial for your fence painting operation.

Before applying the first layer of paint to your fences, make sure they are thoroughly clean and smooth.

Failure to do so will only lead to a poor paint finish and a subpar painting job overall, wasting your money and work.

2. Not Clearing The Area Near Your Fences

Since you’ll need more room to work in as you continue painting your fences, it’s important to remember to make the area around them clear before you begin.

You can do this by temporarily moving any adjacent plants or vegetation, and removing any external fixtures or decorations that are close to your fences.

Making sure that nothing gets in the way of painting your fences and that everything goes easily and efficiently is crucial, since there is a lot of movement and action involved in your painting project.

Any obstruction that might get in your way of painting your fences will just further delay your progress, which is something you don’t want in your project.

3. Acquiring The Wrong Kind of Paint

Another mistake you might need to watch out for while painting your fences would be acquiring the wrong kind of paint.

In every painting project, you will need to purchase a specific type of paint formula specially made for that kind of painting project.

For example, an interior painting project will require paint specially formulated for indoors, just as an exterior painting project will require paint appropriate for outdoors.

And your fence painting project, obviously, is not exempted from this rule – so, make sure to get the right paint formula when you are shopping for paint materials!

As a quick tip, if you have wooden fences at home, it is recommended that you get an oil-based paint, and an enamel-based paint if you happen to have metal fences at home.

However, you should speak with a paint expert for advice if you’re still unsure of which paint to choose for the fences you have at home.

4. Not Checking For Weather Conditions Ahead of Time

An important mistake that you shouldn’t make would be to forget to check the weather ahead of time when painting your fences.

Since your fences are literally outside of your house, the weather will be a major factor in how well your painting job turns out.

For obvious reasons, the rain will prevent you from painting, so keep an eye out for wet days.

Additionally, you shouldn’t paint on a really hot day because the extreme humidity could harm your paint job and give it a poor finish in addition to making it hard to paint in the heat.

To harbor better results, you should paint your fences on a day that is clear and dry.


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