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Painting and Decorating Your Bedroom As a Harry Potter House: Slytherin in Holland

Even amidst the years that have passed, the story and tale of Harry Potter are still passed around and loved by many – may it be children or adults that have started liking the franchise as a child and grew up with the series.

One of the most famous references from the series are the houses: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin – and
each represents a unique set of traits and colors that you can be categorized in.

So, if you’re boldly and unapologetically Slytherin and want to express your love for your house by transforming your bedroom into a Slytherin paradise, here’s something you might like.

Here’s Painting and Decorating Your Bedroom As a Harry Potter House: Slytherin in Holland, PA.


1. Paint Your Walls A Deep, Lush Green

In painting a Slytherin-inspired bedroom, you would do the most by painting your bedroom walls deep, lush green.

With the Slytherin house being represented by a mix of green and black, you would definitely get that whole Slytherin experience by painting your walls a shade of deep lush green.

Nothing says mysterious and powerful as much as the combination of green and black, so you could have so much fun mixing and incorporating these two colors in your Slytherin-inspired bedroom.

However, you need to take note that green is a very tricky color – it could quickly look too bright and unsightly to the eyes if you do not choose a shade tastefully, so ideally, you would want to gravitate towards darker and more neutral greens to truly capture that Slytherin essence.

2. Paint A Slytherin Inspired Accent Wall

If you do not want to commit to a fully green/black bedroom, you could just express your Harry Potter house by painting a Slytherin-inspired accent wall on your bedroom.

You can opt for a single-colored, dark, lush green wall, paint an emblem of the Slytherin house in your accent wall, or even artistically paint yourself an intricate but gorgeous Slytherin-inspired mural – the choice is entirely up to you.

Just make sure that when you’re doing an accent wall, you choose the right wall to paint it on – ideally, a wall that is the focal point of your bedroom, one that is not obstructed by tall furniture, and one that has the right blend of lighting.

3. Get The Appropriate Furnishings To Match

To even elevate your experience of having a Slytherin bedroom, you could also get the appropriate furnishings to match.

These could be in the form of various snake-inspired furnishings (which is the animal represented in the Slytherin emblem), get steely and dark furnishings, or get a luxurious and sleek snakeskin styled carpet to drape all over your floor.

You could also get some soft, velvet black bedsheets to add a bit of that mysterious glamour into your bedroom – which is so Slytherin in theory, values, and practice.

4. Display Some of Your Favorite Slytherin Memorabilia and Merch

Of course, since you’re already showcasing your love for the Harry Potter franchise, you should also display some of your favorite Slytherin memorabilia and merchandise.

You can put a bedside table and pack it with some of your favorite Harry Potter books, Slytherin statues, memorabilia, or some of your favorite merch from the franchise.

Just let your inner Potterhead shine, and pack your bedroom with all things Slytherin!

5. Get Matching Curtains and Lighting

Lastly, to help you add some of that finishing touches to your Slytherin-inspired bedroom, you should get matching curtains and the appropriate lighting to help set that Slytherin mood.

You will want to opt for something that blocks the light out since the Slytherin common room is known for its dark and intimate ambiance.

You’d also want to get some mood lighting, such as warm lighting to emulate a fireplace into your room, or even go with colorful LED light strips and have them lit up as green for that elevated, and authentic Slytherin feel.

There are so many creative possibilities in choosing a design for your curtains and lighting, so be sure to check them out either online or in your local shops to get the best choices!


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