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Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Fences in Newtown, PA

Our fences are actually much more important than what we discount them for – to start, they actually greatly contribute to our home exterior’s overall appeal, making it look more complete and tied up.

So, it is important that we pay attention to its overall condition and provide it with the necessary maintenance it needs from time to time – which can be done via a fresh coat of paint.

If you are currently on the verge to deciding whether or not to undertake a fence painting project, here’s something to help you with that decision.

Here are the Reasons Why You Should Paint Your Fences.

1. To Elevate Your Exterior’s Appeal

One great reason why you should be repainting your fences would be to elevate your exterior’s overall appeal.

When people pass by our homes, our exterior will be the first thing that they will be seeing, which then sets their initial impression – thus, it is important that we maintain our home exterior’s overall appeal to ensure good first impressions.

And since our fences are essentially a part of our home exterior, maintenance will also be necessary for them, which can be done best by – guess what! – a fresh coat of paint.

Giving your fences a fresh coat of paint will be the perfect way to give them that extra oomph you might be looking for, and could help in tying up your whole exterior and making it feel more elevated and complete – it’s just that unique kind of magic a fresh coat of paint can bring onto a surface!

In doing this, you will have to look at the colors that may already be in your home exterior, and factor this in deciding on a paint color to use for it, so that you can end up that with a paint color that goes well with it, and essentially allowing for an overall cohesive appeal.

2. To Rejuvenate Your Fences’ Condition

If you have been seeing that your fences seem to be in dire condition lately, a painting project will be a great way to rejuvenate their overall condition.

In a fence painting project, you will have to undergo the surface preparation process, which then includes inspecting your fences for any signs of damage, giving them the necessary repairs if there are any, and making sure that your fences are clean and smooth – which is the exact kind of treat your fences need to give it that proper rejuvenation.

So, if you have been looking for a solution for the rather weathered condition of your fences, a fresh coat of paint will be a great form of repair for them.

3. To Give Them An Extra Layer Of Protection

Another great advantage that you can get out the simple act of painting your fences would be that the new coat of paint could serve as an extra layer of protection, defending it from so many external occurrences that your fences might suffer from!

Your fences are a part of your exterior, which means that it will fall victim to a lot of external factors that might break them down or dirty them over time, which might include:

  1. Dirt from outside;
  2. Mud from outside;
  3. Rocks;
  4. Animals that may come into contact with it;
  5. Intense weather changes; and many other more!

So, to prevent them from getting dire damage, which can be quite a hassle to take care of,  just remember that a simple coat of paint will go very far in ensuring your fences’ overall durability and condition!

4. It Is Cheaper Than Staining Your Fences

Lastly, painting your fences is advantageous because it is the cheaper option, in comparison to staining your fences.

Doing a fence painting project is going to be the cheaper option since it will require lesser paint materials – a coat of paint can generally give the average fences great coverage, thus, will need lesser coats for touch-ups and other kinds of embellishments.

On the other hand, staining your fences will require more coats, thus, will require you to acquire more materials – which might bloat your project’s budget in the long run.

This will not be the best option especially for those who might be on a budget.

Additionally, staining your fences will require more labor and will be more tedious to do – so, if you are rather busy and are looking for a quick yet extremely transformative way to elevate your fences, painting them will be your best option!


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