2021-12-24 Paint Philadelphia Newtown PA Steps on Painting an Accent Wall In Bedroom

An accent wall is easily one of the most transformative ways of bringing new life to your home interior – its fun, vibrant, and striking design is definitely a testament to that.

Characterized as a wall usually colored or designed differently from its surrounding walls, an accent wall can quickly draw your attention and elevate any room’s overall aesthetic by just being there.

Many public establishments have incorporated this trendy design into their interior – these are present in your local restaurants, snack bars, and even in your favorite cool and hip coffee shop.

So, if you’re currently bored with your current bedroom setup and would like to change things up by getting yourself your very own accent wall, giddy up and get your painting faces on because we have something for you!

Here are the Steps on How to Paint an Accent Wall to Your Bedroom in Newtown, PA.

1. Determine Where to Paint It

Of course, when painting your accent wall, you have to be certain first on where you want to paint your accent wall.

So many factors can go into choosing the perfect wall for your accent wall – you need to consider the space, the location of the wall, and if the lighting is good on that wall.

You’ll also want your accent wall to be positioned somewhere it can be appreciated in its entirety, so any walls that are blocked by cabinets and big furniture get an automatic pass.

Take time to think about this, because once you’ve started painting your accent wall, there’s no going back for a sudden change of mind.

2. Know What You Want, Design-wise

When you’ve mulled it over and have decided which wall to paint your accent wall on, the next step you have to take is to formulate your accent wall design.

You could go with a plain, bold color for a simplistic vibe or a two-toned accent wall.

You could even go bold with your design, such as putting patterns and different textures in there, just to really elevate that striking factor of your accent wall.

However, if you are not entirely decided yet on what design you’ll want, you can refer to thousands of design inspirations readily available online.

Just make sure that you do end up with a design that is cohesive with your entire bedroom, and you’re good to go!

3. Find the Perfect Paint Color

When you’ve decided on what design to incorporate onto your accent wall, it’s now time to pick out the paint color!

In finding the perfect paint color, you need to make sure that it fits your design inspiration and that the color looks good under your bedroom’s lighting.

Certain lighting can either make the paint look shades lighter or darker than it is, so make sure to check samples in your bedroom so you can see if the color looks good there.

4. Prepare the Room for Painting

The next step you need to do after picking out the colors and buying paint, you need first to prepare your bedroom for painting.

Remove any debris or things that might get in the way of painting your accent wall, and you should also make sure that you have a spare bed or couch to crash on while the project is ongoing.

Painting your accent wall can be a lengthy process depending on the size of the space you’re painting and your pace, so ensure that you have a backup bed to sleep on.

5. Use Painter’s Tape and Cover Up

Another important step in the process of painting your accent wall, and just painting in general, is to use painter’s tape and cover up your floors.

It would help if you covered any spaces and crevices you don’t want to paint on with painter’s tape and ensure that you have enough protection for your floors in case of paint drips and spills.

6. Paint Your Accent Wall!

When all is done, and all there’s left is to paint, well do your thing and paint your accent wall!

Just make sure that you’ve applied a coat of primer first before painting, and you’re good to go.

Go enjoy doing your accent wall!


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